October 14, 2011

First Impressions: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

We've been waiting impatiently for the release of these babies for a while now, ever since we met Sally Hansen nail guru Dana Carusso back in May and she hinted that they'd be winging their way to Irish shores for A/W 11. 
They are, of course, the Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. We've all seen versions of these floating around from brands such as Nail Rock, Minx and even Penneys, but what makes these strips different is that they are real nail polish that you literally stick on.

They come in a range of 9 patterns/shades, all of which are stunning and bang on trend. From floral to check, animal print and everything in between, there's something for everyone here. This afternoon I received Girl Flower, Kitty Kitty, Wild Child and Misbehaved.

So, what's inside the box? A mini nail file and orange stick, instructions and 16 individual strips. For 8.95 (bearing in mind that these cannot be re-used), this ain't half bad. You will have a few left over which could be kept for an accent nail as part of another manicure.

 Application takes a bit of getting used to - make sure to have a scissors and hairdryer handy - and definitely won't be done in a jiffy, especially the first time! But look how pretty they are...definitely worth the faff, in my opinion. I'm off out tonight with the ''girlos'', as we fondly refer to ourselves, and I can't wait to show 'em off!

So, overall, it's a big (leopard-print) thumbs up from me. Perfect for a special occasion, and I think that they will at least last the weekend, which is decent for me!


  1. They look fab, must keep my eyes out and buy a pair

  2. I like these. I may treat myself to some for Christmas parties. x

  3. I'm love these, I've done a few posts now on my blog and others about nail strips and a few more to come! :) I haven' tried these yet i want to! Haven't seen them around yet :)
    Lucy x

  4. Everyone's talking about these at the moment. I love doing my nails but am a bit hesitant because of the price for just one application. I guess I could use them on 1 or two nails for a bit of quirkiness! They so look class in fairness! :)

  5. They are great seriously, if you're careful and apply a good top coat, they definitely last longer that normal polish would!

  6. These are fab,my daughter would love them x


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