October 28, 2011

Facial Oils, Oh How I Love Thee!

I have become somewhat of a skincare obsessive over the last few months. I'm not sure whether it's from having this blog or the handy realisation that taking care of skin when you’re young will benefit you in later life but, I've found myself leaving my make-up on for the least amount of time possible and being absolutely meticulous about cleansing and caring for my skin.

One of my favourite skincare products that I have discovered since joining the beauty blogosphere are facial oils. These multipurpose oils can be used to treat pretty much any skin ailment, including the likes of eczema, and make for an intense and nourishing deep moisturising treatment. I like to apply a facial oil as my moisturiser before going to bed. I don’t rub it in, rather let it sit like a mask and let it soak in slowly throughout the night. The result of this come morning time is soft, smooth, rehydrated skin that looks radiant and plump! Allow me to introduce you to my Top 3.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil: This oil by the Kiwi brand is revered by the online blogosphere. At €19.95 for the smallest 20ml bottle, this stuff aint cheap but, there is a reason why it is the most talked about facial oil ever! Simply put, it is intensely hydrating. It literally gives my skin a new lease of life. During summer, I was mixing it with a normal moisturiser but, during winter I apply the concentrated oil to my face and let it work its magic. Of all the oils I have ever tried, this one has the quickest soakage time so, if you're having a dry skin day when you wake up, you can pop this on before your make-up and still be out of the house on time! It's also great for stretch marks, scars and treating skin ailments like eczema. The one downside, however, is the smell. I don't know what it is and, while it doesn't really bother me, my mam hates it so I presume some of you would too!

Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil: This is the newest of my Holy Trinity of face oils and, thus, the one I have the least to say about. However, having used this for a few nights, I can already tell it's a good one. And it would want to be, coming it at around €40 for 30ml! This is actually the new and revamped packaging, incorporating a glass dropper which the old Santal Oil sorely needed. Available in formulas suitable for both normal to dry skin and oily/combination skin, this would be the most accessible oil for the majority of us. The formulation for drier skin, which I have, contains lavender to soothe and, happily, this makes the oil smell lovely and light. I find that this absorbs quite fast and it noticeably relaxes any tightness I get in my skin post-cleansing indicating that it hydrates rapidly.

Skin Essentials by Mariga Nourishing Oil: I have only been using this oil for about three weeks but, I already love it. It is thicker than the average oil but, not uncomfortably so. It also seems to have little semi-solid particles in it that dissolve when applied to the skin. I’m not sure what they are or what they do but, it's something a bit out of the ordinary that it worth noting. This oil works particularly well around my nose and chin. I suffer a lot with tight, dry skin here in the winter and one teeny blob of this clears that right up and lets me wear make-up without it catching and highlighting the flaky skin. Because it is slightly thicker, it takes longer to soak it so I use it mainly it as a night mask.  As with the Trilogy offering, there is a strong scent off this oil which, I don't mind but, is important to note for you sensitive-nosed people!

So, they're my Holy Trinity of face oils at the moment! Do you use a face oil?


  1. Are these any good for oily skin too?

  2. Some of them are! The Clarins one comes in an oily skin formulation and there are mixed reports about the Trilogy one but, most people say it's fine for oily skin!

  3. Sinead I'm delighted you love the Nourishing Oil.. The granules are shea butter which are solid in the bottle and melt on contact with your skin. The scent is the natural scent of rosehip seed oil which as you noticed also with the Trilogy one is quite 'distinctive'. People are often surprised when roseehip sed oil doesn't smell of roses! A lot of companies mask this with artificial fragrance which won't do your skin any good.

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