October 11, 2011

An Evening With Monsieur Clarins

Tonight we had the absolute pleasure of meeting a veritable cornerstone of the international cosmetics industry, Mr Christian Courtin Clarins, President and CEO of Clarins.

It was a relatively intimate gathering in The Cliff Townhouse on St Stephen's Green, comprised mainly of members of the various forms of media. We were greeted upon entry by a man proffering a glass of Prosecco (Yes please!) and were let catch-up with old friends and mingle with new acquaintances for about half an hour before the main event began.

What set this event apart from the many we have attended before was the fact that it was not a product-sell. In fact, it was probably the furthest thing from it. Christian wanted to draw our attention and, by proxy, yours to the special work that Clarins does behind the scenes in the countries from which they source their ingredients and beyond.

With an introductory video presentation , Christian set about telling us all about how Clarins work to protect the earth and renew resources; the term "sustainable development" was bandied about a lot and seems to be the ethos Clarins has quietly been following since its inception in 1954.

Little Touches: Old Pictures Dotted Around the Event

One thing Christian said really resonated with us and is something that other big cosmetics houses would do well to consider and follow suit on;

"We are a successful company but, we must remember how to share."

In other words, Christian explained, if they cut down the trees from which the local people eat the fruit to use for products, Clarins endeavours to plant more trees in their place, renewing the resource and supporting the local population. Similarly, Clarins has been working to reduce the amount of packaging used on their products, offering an online and in-store option of recycling packaging and leaflets before purchase. Shockingly, Christian divulged, that 80% of all online and in-store sales in recent years have become packaging-free.

Christian spoke for almost an hour on various aspects of work at Clarins but, what was almost more striking was his utterly charming demeanour. He segued off script regularly to regale the audience; almost all of whom were female and were hanging on to his every rolled "r" and dropped "h",with anecdotal stories of his childhood, his dealings with famous figures and even demonstrating that famous French romanticism on one of the Clarins girls!

Ladies Man!

Despite there being a central concept to the evening, it was lighthearted and jovial and an honest-to-goodness pleasure. Christian is the furthest thing from a 60-year-old man you could imagine, incredibly handsome and charming and I don't think we were the only ladies in the room to come away entirely enamoured with him! 

Oh, and since "free" and "goody bag" are the favourite words of Irish beauty bloggers, here's what we got in ours;

PS He gave us kisses. Proper French bisous on both cheeks. Swoon!


  1. Lucky girls :) I adore Beauty Flash Balm, one of my fav Clarins products

  2. Have heard great things about it Anita, can't wait to try it! S x

  3. You won't be disappointed, its a brilliant product x

  4. Beauty flash balm is probably the one product I've never been without since I got my first one I'd say around 15 years ago. Enjoy!

  5. Have used it today Mariga and I love it so far!

  6. Lucky! I love beauty flash balm, have a full sized and a mini. Use is as a primer

  7. Ahh taht event looked amazing. A real diffference from the usual product peeks, and yet still a nice little reward. I've never used Clarins, there's something about it that makes me think it's a little mature for me still, but even I can appreciate what a fabulous event that must have been to meet, and listen to Christopher speak. You girls are so lucky, and deserve all the success you're getting.

    Steph xxxx


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