October 13, 2011

Elemis Spa @ Home Pro-Collagen Body Cream

Elemis is a brand that I associate with hotel toiletries. In my naivety, I never really thought of it as a bigger brand, one that has full-sized products. So, when the Elemis Spa @ Home Pro-Collagen Body Cream landed in Viva Adonis HQ, it took me a second to cop that they were one and the same. Idiot, I know!

When I read that this was a firming and lifting body cream, I was all over that shiz and set about slathering any wobbly bits, mainly underarms and upper thighs, with it to see if I could tighten up those annoying areas. Naive again, perhaps?!

Pro-Collagen Body Cream has anti-aging properties that are attributed to a trio of exotic oils; Babassu, Castanha and Bilberry Seed Oil. It also contains marine algae and something very fancy-sounding and unique to Elemis, Micro-Lattice Technology. Ooh err! 

Laminaria Brown Seaweed rounds out the fancy pants ingredients list by creating a "body stocking" effect on the skin; hydrating, nourishing, lifting and firming. But, enough with the science, does it really work?

Elemis promises that this gives a "youthful iridescent radiance" and it definitely does that. There seems to be some form of shimmer in the cream and, while I don't notice it on my arms and legs, I do see it on my palms after use. However, while I don't see the shimmer on my skin, it clearly does something. As a Paley McPalerson, I can become prone to my skin mottling in the cold (getting kind of purpley) and this cream seems to mask that entirely. It almost looks like I'm wearing shiny, skin-coloured tights on my upper arms!

Whether it firms, tightens and tautens skin is another story and, to give you a definitive answer, I'd say I would need to be using this for a few months before noticing any difference. My skin is incredibly smooth and almost cool to the touch though and, while it may still be jiggly here and there, it doesn't look it which is always nice.

Now, this body cream comes in at around €55 (£49) if my conversions are correct and, for that chunk of change, you really need to weigh up the long term benefits of using a product like this. Sure, it makes skin silky smooth but, so do a lot of body creams.  However, coming into Christmas party season, the way in which this cream adds aesthetically to your skin may make it worthwhile so that you can wear your short sleeve tops and strapless dresses without worrying about wobbling and jiggling around the dance floor!

Whether you can afford to part with €55 for a body cream is really a personal matter but, my two cents are that it is a really luxurious product with some very positive bells and whistles. It works at making skin look better and feel better so, if that's what you're after, then this is a worthy product to spend your hard earned cash on!

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  1. It sounds very intrigueing. I couldn't afford it right now, but I'd certainly be up for smapling it if I got the chance. The 'stocking effect' sounds so good.

    Steph xxx


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