October 22, 2011

DermaBlend: The Ultimate Concealer?

Sigh. I've been reading The Daily Mail again. 

But, as much as it is an absolute pile of utter tripe, I often get good inspiration and beauty news from it and, this piece on DermaBlend concealer has boggled my mind.

You probably recognise the below subject as one of Lady Gaga's closest minions and co-star of her Born This Way video. Zombie Boy, AKA Ricky Genest, is completely covered from the waist up with tattoos that make him look like a skeleton. While it isn't my cup of tea, I do think he looks awesome. 

In an advert for DermaBlend concealer, Zombie Boy has his tattoos covered with the concealer and, honestly, the results are amazing. Mind. Blown.

Concealer on, Zombie Boy probably looks like he once did, before his first tattoo at 16. It's absolutely incredible how much of that dark blank ink they were able to erase. 

Back to his usual self!

Now, all I want to know is where I can get DermaBlend and what it will do for my dark circles! 


  1. I saw the YouTube video for this floating around my Twitter feed yesterday and I was absolutely amazed! I NEED this product as if it can cover dark tattoo's, I'm hopeful it will make even my blotchy pale skin look flawless!

  2. I've seen the video too and it's amazing. I really want to try DermaBlend now.

  3. I think he looks better as a zombie skeleton. Lol but this stuff looks UNREAL.


  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!

  5. oh dear lord, if this stuff is that strong and thick i wouldn't want to put it anywhere near my delicate undereyes

  6. Is this the guy who was on Jeremy Kyle?

  7. Wooooooooooooooooooooooah

    That stuff looks amazing. I need to get me some, now...

    Steph x

  8. I've got it, WAY too heavy for under-eye x


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