October 03, 2011

The cure for Monday-itis is...

...buying stuff! 

Stuff is great. So are things. If only stuff n' things could stop wars, end famines, buoy the economy and cure disease, we'd all be in a much better position! 

However, while stuff n' things are, unfortunately, not that powerful, one thing they do have the ability to do is cure the common virus that afflicts most everyone who is of educating or employment age. You might know this virus as the Monday Blues or the Sunday Night Sorrows. I, however, refer to it as Monday-itis.

Even if you like your job as much as I do, and enjoy actually being in work, getting up and getting there is enough to make you want to switch off your alarm, roll over and fall back asleep come 7am and not surface again until Monday is fast becoming Tuesday and there are only three sleeps left till the weekend instead of a gargantuan four. 

As I mentioned above, the one foolproof tonic I have found this dastardly disease is quite simple and involves spending money on nice things. Granted, you don't want to be doing this every Monday but, on those Monday's where the -itis is particularly denting to your spirits, buying something small off your wishlist (which, if you're anything like me, is very long!) will give you that much needed spring in your step for the rest of the day. 

Monday-itis struck me pretty hard today following an awful night's sleep, an encounter with a particularly large Daddy Longlegs and a claustrophobic commute on the train. So, I popped down to Brown Thomas at lunchtime and picked up something I had been wanting for ages; Rebel lipstick from MAC. 

As a lover of punchy lip colours, Rebel is one I am always drawn to at the MAC counter and, as we come into winter, I will get a lot of wear out of this rich, berry-toned purple. 

With my little BTs bag swinging, I tootled back to work happy out and with no visable symptoms of Monday-itis. 

Works like a charm.


  1. I love Rebel!
    It's one of my fav shades, I usually line with Nightmoth by MAC, Nice and dark, I am a bit of a recovering goth! hahaha.

  2. I could not agree with this more! I find a little treat, especially something from my wish list, at the beginning of the week works really well for me. I feel a (tiny) bit guilty and it then inspires me to work really hard for the rest of the week!

  3. I've been eyeing up Rebel for a while but for now I'm going to stick with layering up my Runaway Red for a deep red and maybe buy this once we get into winter x


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