October 12, 2011

Christmas with OPI, St Tropez, Ja'Maal Buster and More!

Ladies, this will be a visually pleasing post. Product porn, if you will. 
Yesterday evening was a super busy evening for us with two events - before meeting Mr Clarins himself, we went to a preview of what a few different brands will be offering for the run-up to Christmas 2011.

See that massive OPI sign above? I want that in my room. If anyone has one, send it my way.

So, naturally, the two of us were immediately drawn to the huge display of OPI products. There was a big selection on show - plenty of gorgeous gift sets as well as a peek at some of OPI's forthcoming collections. I didn't even know that Nicole by OPI (their 'younger' range) was available here, but apparently so!

We also got to have a good look at the new Muppets collection (look at all that glitter...drool) as well as Miss Piggy's very own range, entitled Simply Moi!

St Tropez was our next port of call. In spite of  some fierce competition in recent years, St Tropez have remained an incredibly popular brand for tanning. This year's X Factor contestants' ''glow'' has been created by St Tropez - take from that what you will!

The brand has some gorgeous gift sets out for Christmas (pictured below), along with some pretty impressive standalone products such as a highlighter and instant tanner, which I received for review and will be putting to good use (I haven't gone near 'real' tan since I got tattooed - irrational fear!)

Proactiv products have intrigued me for years - from the celebrity endorsements to the mental informercials, they've always gotten the better of my curiosity. This mightn't seem like the most exciting idea for a pressie, but think about it - good skin is a gift! Also, the range isn't exactly cheap, so I think any teenager with more spots than sponds would enjoy and appreciate this.

Both of us are massive fans of falsies, and Ja'maal Buster is the new kid on the block in this department. Apparently, he is the ''lash guru to the stars'' and looks after the likes of Rhianna, Paris Hilton and Keri Hilson. Again, we'll have to take Ja'maal's word for it.

Anyway, as eyelashes go, these are pretty good. I've tried a pair before which Beauty Emporium sent out to us, and they were lovely. This range is definitely a party one though - if you prefer the natural look, then steer clear! False lashes are increasingly popular, though, and a pair of these would make a great stocking filler for any girl.

We've already tried and loved Whizzer Strips, so if you're in the market for a decent teeth whitening kit that won't break the bank, we'd definitely recommend them. Another kit, which is slightly more complex with the addition of a mouth tray (sexy) is the iWhite Tooth Whitening Kit, €29.99. They also do a whitening toothpaste, and if these products are anything as good as Whizzer Strips, they're worth trying.

Anything here that catches your eye?


  1. Oh those are all exciting! Christmas previews don't fail... so many things!

  2. Ooooh I want it all apart from the St Tropez. I especially have major love for O.P.I. I keep popping into John Lewis whenever I'm in town just to have a liitle marvel at it.

    S xxx


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