October 19, 2011

Benefit Watt's Up: First Look

We told you a few months back that Benefit was to introduce a new highlighting product. Intended as the successor to the extremely popular Moon Beam, Watt's Up is a champagne-coloured, cream-to-powder product that is intended to bring a soft and natural luminescence to skin.

For Watt's Up, Benefit have kept the roll-up, tube-shaped applicator that we associate with the likes of Girl Meets Pearl illuminator and That Gal brightening primer but, have advanced it somewhat through the inclusion of a blending sponge at the opposite end to the product.  Using this lightbulb-esque sponge (Watt's Up, Lightbulb, geddit?!) with the highlighter is intended to give skin a soft, gleaming appearance.

A highlighter with a cream-to-powder finish did stirke me as a little bit odd at first as I associate highlighters with a dewy, non-powdery finish. However, in the case of Watt's Up, it seems to work.

For some pretty stark highlighting á la the now-departed 2Shoes from The X Factor, Watt's Up can be applied directly from the applicator to the face but, using that little sponge to blend out the product gives a "lit from within" effect that is altogether quite clever.

Swatches: Blended (L) and Concentrated (R)

I love how Benefit have taken their liquid/cream highlighters like Moonbeam and Girl Meets Pearl and have solidified them to bring the brand into line with the likes of industry-leader NARS Multiple. Consistency and pigmentation is excellent and elicited a drawn out Ooohhh from my sister Aisling when I was using her arm to swatch. This is a seriously gorgeous champagne-gold highlighter that would suit pretty much any skintone.

Watt's Up (9.4g) is available now for €34.50. 


  1. Really love it but not sure I'd part with 35 smackers to get it.

    Have and adore High Beam, reckon that'll do for now x (Famous last words)

  2. As a massive Moon Beam fan I'm sad to see it go but this looks fab so I'll more than likely buy it at some point.

  3. Bought it the day of the beautie book launch and I love it. It gives a lovely glow and is nice under the brow bone too. Very don't use the spongey blender. :-)

  4. I'm actually sad to see Moon Beam go! I'm not sure about the applicator spongey thing with this... How much product do you get in Watt's Up?
    It looks so small on the Benefit stands. I'm not quite sold, obviously, but there's no denying that champagne colour looks lush!

  5. @Carolo You get 9.4g of product so quite a bit in fairness. I really like the sponge, it gives a gorgeously natural finish to the highlight! x

  6. Very pricey for what it is, But I do like it.
    Just not the best of shades for my skin tone, I learned that the hard way!!!A make up artist applied it to my face and well, She made me look bit flippin filthy!!!

  7. It's a lovely champagne colour isnt it!! I loved it on when the woman at Benefit tried it on me xx


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