September 21, 2011

Winter Series #3: Avon Sequins and Shine Collection

We're back with the third installment of our Winter Series (yes, yes, schedule has gone out the window!) and it's all to do with make-up and what trends Avon thinks you should be incorporating into your look this winter!

The Avon Sequins and Shine collection, available from October 2011, features sparkling, sequins-y packaging and an array of eye, lip and nail products in various jewel-tones which, as anyone who has been clothes shopping lately will know, is very much the colour palette for winter and the holiday season. We have most of the collection to show you swatches of and we'll be doing FOTD and reviews over the coming days so, leave any particular requests in the comments!

Avon's treat for our eyes this winter are the Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliners (€8.00), the True Colour Eyeshadow Quads (€11.00) and the SuperEnchant Mascara (€11.00).

The Glimmersticks are available in two limited edition, season-appropriate shades; Sparkling Silver and Flashing Copper. Their creamy formula will, allegedly, last up to 12 hours before budging and draws smoothly, enabling a pretty precise line for even the most shaky-handed of us! We got both of these to try and swatches are below as well as a second swatch I tried to remove with eye make-up remover and a cleansing wipe but, to no avail!

Flashing Copper (L) and Sparkling Silver (R)

The Quads are really quite beautiful and are available in two shade-varieties which are definitely different enough to justify buying both while still staying true to the jewel-tones of the season. Sequins and Shine and Glitz and Glamour are both limited edition palettes and feature four shades which are extremely soft, highly pigmented and easily blended. Avon also claim that these are crease-proof and last up to 12 hours so, we'll be testing out these claims and will report back imminently!

Sequins and Shine (L) and Glitz and Glamour (R)

Sequins and Shine (L) and Glitz and Glamour (R)

For lips this season, Avon have Glazewear Sparkle Lip Gloss (€8) which promises a high-gloss, high-sparkle finish whilst still being smooth and light on the lips. Shade names like Gleaming Gold, Shimmering Amethyst, Violetta Sparkle and Glimmering Bronze bear testament to the jewel tones of this collection and we have all but, Gleaming Gold for your viewing pleasure!.

Shimmering Amethyst (L), Glimmering Bronze (M) and Violetta Sparkle (R)

Finally, rounding out the Sequins and Shine collection, Avon have released four new shades of their Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel (€8.00). Diamond dust (ooh, err!) and acrylic supposedly help strengthen, protect and improve wear for up to 10 days. Sequined Turquoise, Mercury Metal, Violetta Purple and Gleaming Gold will ensure that your nails are as on-trend this season as your eyes and lips will be!

(L-R): Sequined Turquoise, Mercury Metal, Violetta Purple and Gleaming Gold

All-in-all this is a lovely collection to take you from one end of winter to the other and will work well over the holiday season in particular. It is very glittery so, my advise would be not to slap everything on at once but, rather to pick and choose products to accent your look. Stand-out products for me include Violetta Purple nail polish, Shimmering Amethyst lipgloss and both of the Glimmerstick Eyeliners.

Avon is available from your local Avon Representative. You can view products here and find your local rep here. After many of you asking us, Avon PR have confirmed that there are no plans to open an online Avon store like that in the UK. Boo, hiss!

Are you tempted by anything from this collection to jazz up your cosmetics wardrobe for winter?


  1. It's crazy the way we don't have an online store when Avon was started by an Irish man! Crazy.

  2. I love the look of the Sequins and Shine palette. Thanks for the link to finding your local rep, I've just filled in the form as I've no idea who sells Avon in my area and there's so much I want to try.

  3. I really love the look of the nail polishes and glimmersticks. xx

  4. Ooh will use that link too, I don't think I have a local rep - my Mum gets the odd bit for me but it's a hassle when I live so far away from her. Thanks girls, going to check now to see if I've a closer rep x

  5. Any word on whether this line will also be offered in the US? I would love to get my hands on it!


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