September 17, 2011

Winter Series #1: LUSH Skincare

The first installment in our winter series concerns skin and taking care of it in the chilly weather.

You all know that we are huge fans of Lush and these skincare products are specifically targeted at combatting the effect wintery weather can have on you skin, aiming to rehydrate and soothe with a little frivolous pampering thrown in for good measure!


Skin Drink Moisturiser: I've been having a whale of a time with Lush Skincare lately, it really been working well for me. Skin Drink is the perfect moisturiser to compliment my beloved Angels on Bare Skin and is also the perfect winter moisturiser if you are, or verge on being, dry skinned.

Skin Drink is extremely thick so, allow soakage time if you're using this as a day moisturiser. The consequence of it being so thick is that, once soaked in, you can feel it hydrating your skin from within. Bye bye tight, dry skin.

As I said it my recent Bedtime Routine post, I use this only at night and almost as a masque as I leave it to soak in and work its magic and then wake up with beautifully smooth, plump skin in the morning.

Ultra Bland Cleanser: I feel conflicted writing about this product. On the one hand I love it but, on the other...not so much.

Ultra Bland is a dry skin cleanser and, being normal skinned, I don't usually have a problem with skintype specific products- they all work. And it's not that Ultrabland doesn't work, I just don't seem to know how to work it (And, after asking on Twitter, it seems a lot of you are in the same boat!)

Ultrabland contains almond oil and lots of it which is the main issue for me. When you rub it on and wash it off, both your face and hands are left looking like an oil slick. No amount of washing truely removes it and, I've tried both cotton rounds and a face cloth and, even still I felt a bit like chip wrapper.

That being said, this is an excellent make-up remover and pre-cleanse cleanser. The oil slicks everything off leaving you with clear skin. I imagine Ultrabland would be a dream come true for any of you who suffer with achingly dry skin during winter as this will work to replenish oils lost and keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

The Sacred Truth Face Mask: I've never really used a face mask before, at least not your stereotypically pea green one like this is. I'd also never say that this is an essential part of a winter skin routine but, it is lovely for a bit of pampering on a cosy evening in.

Aimed at age-prevention, The Sacred Truth noticeably tightens and firms skin which is great! My only gripe is the smell. Whatever causes it is quite pongy and doesn't agree with my snoz so I just breathe through my mouth for the 10 minutes I have this on!

As far as I'm concerned, it's never too soon to start preventive measures for aging (just in case the claims are all true and we'll end up looking 35 at age 70 y'see!) and if you can do this as a part of a winter pampering session then all the better! This is a lovely luxurious mask that leaves my skin plump and smooth and genuinely radiant!


As I have oily/combination skin, the majority of these products were a little too rich for my skin. However, what I did try was perfect for my skin type and really impressed me.

Aqua Marina Cleanser:  This is a clay-based cleanser that also contains nori seaweed, calamine, and Irish moss infusion. It looks a tad scary when you open the tub, but once you find the best way to work with the product, the results are superb.

You only need a small amount of this - just mix with some water in your hands, apply it to a damp face, and rinse off. Because of the bits of seaweed (not half as manky as they sound, promise!), I found that the easiest way to rinse this off was with a small sponge, as the bits kind of embedded themselves in my face cloth!

I would recommend removing the bulk of your makeup before using this so it can really work itself into your skin. I loved the results - it really brightened my complexion and left my face feeling super-clean. An amazing product, perfect for keeping your skin radiant this winter! 


  1. i bought ultra bland last week after being assured it was a more solid form of babyface, it's good for pre cleanse but I definitley hate cleansing with this only because of the oily feeling! Aqua Marina I got as a sample and I love but has your pot gone very watery? Perhaps it's because mine is a sample!

  2. Lush skincare is delish isn't it? I'm quite an oily skinned girl and believe it or not I LOVE Ultrabland. I get rid of the residue by using a foaming wash afterwards. It really dissolves makeup and can also be used as an intensive moisturiser on heels, elbows, lips etc.

    When I worked in Lush a woman came in to buy 5 pots of the stuff (this was before they had the large tub). She explained that her boyfriend had gotten a bad burn over a largeish area, and that Ultrabland was the only thing that gave him any relief while it was healing. Amazing!

    Sinead, try my favourite cleansing combo, Ultrabland washed off with Angels on Bare Skin. It should remove most of the oily residue and you'll be left with baby's bum skin! x

  3. Great post, oh how I'm delighted people love Lush as much as I do.

    Skin Drink is my fav night time moisturiser & I love it for winter.

    Kat-I'm definitely gonna try the Ultrabland/AOBS combo, thanks for the tip.

  4. I really want to try some face masks and skincare from Lush! x

  5. Thanks Paula and thanks for the tip Kat!

  6. I keep meaning to try some Lush skin care products, but I have never got around to purchasing any.


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