September 13, 2011

What's in Sinéad's Shower?

Nothing too exciting I'm afraid!

Posts like this make me wonder am I more low maintenance than I thought? Or, is that just me being delusional (Don't answer that!)?!

Lush Angels on Bare Skin: Yep, I use this in the shower too! It's pretty much my favourite product of the moment as it cleanses and exfoliates in one go. (Full review here.)

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly: Have only just started using this and am obsessed. A teeny bit goes a long way; I've had about 4 showers using it so far and there is just a tiny dent in it! I just hold it in my palm and wash with it as I would with a normal shower gel. It smells amazing and feels lovely on my skin.

L'Oréal Elvive Re-nutrition Replenishig Masque: This is the only conditioner I am using at the moment and, even then, I only use it about once a fortnight to deep condition my hair. I love the smell of it and how it makes my hair all bouncy and healthy looking after use. (Full review here.)

Lush Big Shampoo: Best. Shampoo. Ever. I just did a huge review on this and why I love it so much so, you can check that out to see why it is a mainstay in my shower.

Green Angel Sunset Body Smoother: I'm obsessed with exfoliating and, as you can see, this body exfoliator has been well-loved! My mam and sisters have been dipping into it and all of them say it's the best exfoliator they've ever used and it really is. I only use this about once a week though as it is very abrasive. (Full review here.)

Sorry the contents of my shower isn't more interesting!
Anything exciting in your shower?


  1. really want more lush stuff!! jealous!.x

  2. Lush products are so brilliant! I'm heartbroken there won't be one nearby when I go to uni :( x

  3. So glad to see someone else as obsessed with Lush stuff as I am, love their stuff.

  4. I swear by AOBS and i adore whoosh. I adore lush, anyone whos seen my blog will know :P I swear by the company :D
    Lucy x

  5. Haven't tried Whoosh, I must rectify this immediately.

    Great selection of stuff Sinead & it's brilliant to see more Lush obsessives, heehee.


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