September 14, 2011

What's in Sinéad's Gym Bag?

Yep, another "What's in..." post! Dee suggested this one and I loved the idea as I am a nosy cow and love seeing what people carry around with them, even to the gym!

I try to condense my gym bag as much as possible as I go after work 5 days a week (at the weekends I don't care, just lump whatever I feel like into the bag!) and don't want to lug a heavy, overstuffed bag around town everyday! I also haven't shown you my gym clothes here because I have a bit of an obsession with them and have far too many but, if you would like a post on my, err, collection of workout clothes, let me know!

Notebook and Pen: I carry this notebook everywhere. Each day I try to write down (I often forget!) how many hours sleep I got the night before, what I ate and what program I did in the gym. This might seem a bit obsessive but, it's the only way to (a) stay on top of what you are doing program-wise (exercises, sets, reps, weight etc.), (b) monitor and account for any changes as you can look back on your sleep pattern and diet and (c) be conscious of what you eat and where you should be making changes (This written account has also served to deter me from pigging on many an occasion!).

Deoderant: Pretty self-explanatory really. Currently using Nivea Pearl and Beauty.

iPhone Earphones: I cannot do cardio without music, I'd die of boredom (I also draft posts to pass the time!) but, funnily enough, I can't bear music in my ears when lifting weights!

Lock: Gotta keep my stuff safe!

Hairbrush: Self-explanatory again. It's a Denman one.

I don't shower in the gym everyday, only if I have gone down to the hot tub etc. after working out. It's just easier and nicer to shower at home but, on days when I do shower there, I bring this washbag which I got from The Body Shop.

Lush The Olive Branch Shower Gel: These little 100g bottles of shower gel from Lush are perfect for gym bags as you don't need to use much, they last ages and smell lovely!

Bare Essentials GC Homme Shampoo: Yep, this is a man's shampoo. I just found it in the toiletries drawer at home and it was small enough for my gym bag so...yeah. I'm not fussy! 

Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream: Dee gave me this as she didn't like it at all for her skin so, since it's a nice squishy tube, I bring it to use in the shower to clean off any make-up/build-up.

Sudocrem Tube: I bought this two summers ago but, it seems people are only going crazy about this now? Anyways, I just carry this with me for any sore welts/calluses (sexy!) I get from weights and also to use on my eczema after a shower. Us Irish gals always seem to find some use for Sudocrem!

Nuxe Creme Prodigeuse Moisturiser: Again, the squishy tube is great for the gym bag! Going outside into the cold after a shower tends to wreak havoc on my skin so, I just like to protect and hydrate it as much as possible after a shower.

Make-Up Wipes: I do not wear make-up in the gym so, I remove as much of it as possible with wipes before training. 

Revlon Equave 2 Phase Spray in Conditioner: This is the only conditioner I bring. I just spritz it into my hair and stick it up in a turban towel while I get dressed and by the time I go to take it down, my hair is soft and manageable and easy to brush out.

The Body Shop Duo Body Butter for Dry Skin: Just for any eczema/dry skin patches that might start to bother me.

Vaseline: Never go anywhere without it!

Razor: Just in case?!

Clip: To pull my hair back after washing and brushing!

That's it! Super interesting, I'm sure but, all necessities! I also bring my iPhone for music, Twitter, emails and drafting posts!


  1. I am a nosy cow as well, so I love these type of posts lol.

  2. I would love to see your outfits! I am always looking for cute outfits for the gym.

  3. I love these type of posts too.

    I've just started keeping note of the food I eat this week so must add how many hours sleep I got too as it's a great idea.

  4. Mmmmm, The Olive Branch, yum!

  5. I love these sorta posts.
    Lucy x


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