September 20, 2011

Tattoo Your Thinker

When I first saw these photos of Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich my first thought was, "Awesome!" followed by a close second of, "Eh, ow!"

Shaving your head bald and inking tendrils of hair onto your noggin must be one of the most painful things in the entire world. It's also not very practical as the upkeep will be fierce with constant shaving, shining and suncreaming (And you thought roots were bad?!) but, as I see it, she can just grow her hair back if she tires of it.

While this look is not for the faint-of-heart and is, most definitely, not for me, I do think that Eyrich looks ten shades of amazing. It suits her more than a whole head tattoo should ever suit anyone and, I think that it has an almost whimsical, romantic appearance to it. And, as tattoos go, it's beautifully done. 

Anyone with me on this or is she just batshit crazy?!


  1. If nothing else, it is an innovative and beautiful way for people going through chemotherapy to embrace their hair loss. I remember a lady on Miami Ink who had lost her hair through chemo got a gorgeous butterfly tattooed on her head.
    Why not I suppose.
    Most people's hair these days is fake anyways!

  2. I am sorry, but that is so ugly...

  3. It's batshit crazy, but I likes it.

    Sure she could always grow her grúaig back as you say, non?

  4. I'm defo with you Sue! Not for me but, it's so good on her!

  5. It makes me think of a Canadian model that used to be recognized by the dragon tatoo she had on her head. At first, she shaved it, or had haircut to work around it. But it seems that now that she has a "normal" haircut, she just seems like a random girl.

    I guess this can be good, as you said, if you grew tired of it, there is always an easy way to cover it!

  6. I love it! She has a nice head for it LOL


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