September 16, 2011

Review: Essie Billionails

Most of us ladies have issues with our nails - whether it's a problem with flaking, length, weakness of all three, most of us could do with a helping hand in terms of fortifying our talons.

I'm lucky in that my nails do grow, but if I don't take proper care of them they can become really weak and prone to breakage. Sadly, I've never gotten mine to look quite as fabulous as Artdonatella's

When this product arrived in my postbox, I was both intrigued and eager to try it. This is step two in a three-phase system devised by Essie to achieve healthy nails (in case you haven't guessed, the other two are called Millionails and Trillionails) but, as a standalone product, it worked really well for me.

You can use this alone if you want to really concentrate on improving your nails, but as a nail polish junkie, I was relieved to learn that this can also be used as both a base coat and top coat! It works really well at thickening and strengthening the nail. I had no polish on the other day (a rare occurrence for me) and was surprised at how well my naked nails looked!

This will set you back about €20 from Boots, but is definitely a good investment, and a bottle will last you an age. In fact, I cleverly managed to spill half of mine when I received it about a month ago, but I still have plenty left! It's also listed on Amazon for quite cheap, so that's also worth investigating.

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  1. Never heard of this before now. Like you, my nails grow fast enough but are brutally weak. They just bend and flake and then split.


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