September 03, 2011

Is this the secret to making Chanel nail polish last?

What can I say about Chanel nail polish? Positives: the bottle is nice and the colours are special. Negatives: the prices are high and the longevity is crap. It's a vicious circle.

Despite knowing all this, I still willingly (and stupidly?) lay down €21.50-a-go so that my digits are stylin' in each seasons must-have shades. But, the one thing that always gets to me is how badly theses polishes wear. Sure they look pretty on Day 1 but, by Day 3, I feel like an absolute scruff with badly chipped and peeling nails and, each and every time I regretfully admonish myself with "I paid €21.50 for THIS?"

My obsessive trawling of the internet and beauty blogs has assured me that it's not just my Chanel polishes that feel the need to rebel, everyone seems to have experienced a similar scenario to the one outlined above. It's a right pain in the flaps, as one Lovely Girlie Bits would say!

However, regret no more ladies, I think that I may have found a way to make your Chanel polish last almost an entire week. How? Well, it's quite simple really; don't use a base coat. That's it. 

I don't know why or I don't know how, I just know that I have managed to wear both Graphite and Peridot, my latest Chanel acquisitions, for 6 whole days before any chips appear. I think the trick is to apply the layers very thinly onto a clean, smooth, base coat-free nail and finish with a quick drying topcoat (I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri). 

Hey presto and Bob's your uncle, your Chanel nail polish outlasts most other brands and suddenly, the price doesn't seem so utterly ridiculous! 


  1. I've found swiping the nail bed with remover first is a brilliant way to get rid of oils and residue too.
    Means the polish can adhere evenly and gives a smoother result.
    Chanel are prob the worst for longevity but I'm constantly changing polish so 2 day wear is not a huge deal to me. Fickle is my name x

  2. Yep that's what I do to clean the nails before I apply Chanel...much better result! I was really impressed with getting 6 days both times especially since I am a heavy typer etc!x

  3. Great tip, must root out one of my Chanels and give it a go.

  4. It will be interesting to see if it works on the older polishes too or if they have actually improved the formula! x

  5. do you not get stained nails though??

  6. Nope have never found that to be a problem with Chanel polish!

  7. This is a great tip, I'll have to try this with some of my problem children.


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