September 15, 2011

Happy 125th Birthday Avon!

Just take a look at what got delivered to Viva Adonis HQ (AKA Sinead's house!) this afternoon!

The lovely folks at Avon sent us these yummy cupcakes to celebrate the brand turning 125 today!

Yep, that's right, it was 125 years ago today that Avon was founded purely on a mix of luck and ingenuity. As the Avon story goes, in 1886,  founder David H. McConnell offered women a gift set of perfumes called "Little Dot" as an incentive to buy his books. However, soon realising that the perfumes were more popular than his books, McConnell built a new business, selling perfumes and cosmetics directly to women. This was the brand which would become Avon.

Happy Birthday Avon, here's to 125 more years! 


  1. Happy Birthday Avon.
    Janet Leonard
    Avon Business Developer.
    You know what to do...
    086 3755802

  2. love avon so much, happy birthday!!!!! xxx

  3. I love avon, such a great company :)
    Lucy x


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