September 18, 2011

Review: Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing

More than once I have mentioned about how I have a creepy obsession with exfoliating. I find the process so satisfying that I often have to reign myself in from doing it more than once or twice a week and sloughing half my skin off! See, told you it was creepy!

So, I was understandably delighted when we received September GlossyBoxes to find that two sachets of Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing had been included. Even the name, Salt Brushing, sounds incredibly satisfying!

Anyways, enough of the creepy from me. As you may have seen in my recent shower post, I am almost out of my beloved Green Angel exfoliator as my mam and sister's have also taken a liking to it so, I jumped on this GlossyBox offering to see if I could find a product worthy of replacing it.

Firstly, this is nothing special in appearance which is why it doesn't warrant a picture. It literally comprises of normal-looking grains of salt, both chunky and small, from the Dead Sea and very little else (Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Citrus scent round out the product!).

So, despite it's uninspiring, simplistic appearance (I think I've been ruined by the radioactive-ness of Green Angel!), I ploughed on, determined to have baby soft skin once more. As with most exfoliators, you stand in your shower and rub this on to dry skin in circular motions. I probably am a bit to vigorous with my exfoliation technique as I feel like it's only a job well done when my skin is lobster red! You then allow it to wash off under the stream of water as you continue with your normal shower routine and that's that; soft and smooth skin in one easy step!

A tip though, and this goes for most exfoliators, wash your hands with shower gel/soap before washing your hair. The essential oils used in exfoliators can leave a greasy residue on your hand and, thus, in your barnet if they aren't washed off rendering the shampooing process pointless.

Will this be replacing my beloved Green Angel? I'm not sure. This is a great exfoliator in its own right but, Green Angel is a super-strength, super-effective scrub that blows all others out of the water. I think the clincher here is that Green Angel has a lot of oiliness to it which stays on the skin and adds to the baby softness of my skin after use while the Dead Sea version is a lot drier.

However, the Dead Sea range is more readily available than Green Angel (Boots, Holland and Barrett and Debenhams all stock it.) so, based on that, I probably will pick up the large tub when I'm all out of the sachets!

Have you tried anything from the Dead Sea range?

GlossyBox is a monthly subscription box that arrives at your door bearing 5 assorted beauty surprises! It cost £10/€12 each month plus postage and packaging (Approx. €15 in total) and you can sign up here!

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  1. Have never tried this, but I LOVE scrubs!!! I'm so tempted by Glossybox, I probably will end up signing up for it at some point but when I look at the French ones I feel like we're being robbed!!!


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