September 11, 2011

Frosted Nails featuring Catrice Frosting Top Coat

Once upon a time, frosted cosmetics were trendy as hell. Pink frosted lips, blue frosted lids and lilac frosted nails were the epitome of cosmetic chicness and no self respecting lady would be seen in public without at least one of the above decorating her person.

Today, however, the mere thought of frosted cosmetics make most of us recoil in horror. I don't remember the last time I saw a woman sporting a frosty pink lip. Hell, I even steer clear of MAC's Frost finish eyeshadows. 

Yet, somewhere down the line, this anti-frost memo got lost and didn't reach Catrice HQ as they have released a topcoat that is called "Frosting," a matte effect top coat with an icy sheen. 

Our initial reaction to this top coat was something along the lines of a shudder followed by an "UGH!" but, then I became intrigued. Surely, Catrice must have released this for a reason and not just as a nostalgic throwback to a bad era for make-up? So, I got out my nail polish collection, put my experimental cap on, and set about to see what could be new in the world of frosting.

Test Subjects (L-R): OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, Sally Hansen All Fired Up, Chanel Graphite, Sally Hansen
Shrimply Divine and Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure

I decided to try shades ranging from the very light to to the very bright and included some glitters and metallics just for kicks. The results were kind of surprising. All of the shades were dulled and muted by the top coat while only those with red/pink bases like Coney Island Cotton Candy, All Fired Up and Shrimply Divine became properly frosted (eew!). The metallic gold, Gilty Pleasure, didn't really do much except become flat and a paler version of itself while Graphite, the silvery gold glitter shade, took on kind of a cool electric blue hue.

After seeing the bizarre reaction of Graphite to the top coat, I wanted to try it over a properly dark polish to see what happened. This is what happens when you put Catrice Frosting Top Coat over Sally Hansen Black Platinum. It turns blue. Yep, black nail polish becomes a gorgeous matte navy (I presume if you used a top coat over this it would maintain the navy colour but, become shiny!). 

I, personally, quite like the matte effect that comes with using this with dark polishes (Dee finds it creepy!) but, I don't care at all for the proper frosted finish created when this is applied to reds and pinks. For me, frosting is a trend best kept in the past as it just seems so dated and makes a nice nail polish look like one you picked up from the pound shop back in 1996!

What do you ladies think? Is frosting back with a bang or best left dead?


  1. Ehhhm, I'm siding with Dee on this one..

    Have seen it used to do horizontal stripes though, which could be nice over a high shine topcoat for effect?

  2. I'm with Dee on this one too, not my kinda thing at all.

  3. I actually (shock . . horror) kinda like it! . . have no idea why? could be a good way of updating the look of an old worn polish

  4. Ummmm nope it's not for me either :( I just can't hop on the flat nail bandwagon at all bring on the shine :)


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