September 17, 2011

Breaking LUSH News!

A little Lush birdie told me today that some permanent products will be taken off the shelves by the end of next week in preparation for the huge influx of Christmas stock. 

While we are waiting on confirmation of all of the products that will be removed, I did find out that the Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie as well as Mrs Whippy Bath Bomb will be two of the products saying au revoir to your local Lush store! 

We don't yet know if these will be permanently discontinued or if they will be returning once the Christmas season is over but, when we know, you will too! 

So, if you can't bear to shower without your Coconut and Almond Smoothie or if Mrs Whippy is the only Bath Bomb for you, be sure to stock up before the end of next week!


  1. I won't miss either of those two, but won't be happy if Flying Fox disappears!

  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Lush Xmas stuff even if it is only September.

    I think they often take stuff off the shelves to make room for Xmas but it normally reappears in the new year.

  3. ^Flying Fox is fine!

    List goes as follows:

    Almond and Coconut Smoothie
    Aromarant Solid Deodorant
    The Big Tease
    Charlotte Island
    Coconut Powder Deodorant
    Demon in the Dark (sob!)
    Heavanilli Massage bar
    Helping Hands
    The Joy of Jelly
    Keep It Fluffy Orange
    Keep It Fluffy Purple
    King of the Mods (sob!)
    Ma Bar (no!!)
    Mange Too
    Mrs Whippy (tear!)
    Pied De Pepper
    Ring of Roses
    Sex in the Shower
    Strawberry Feels Forever
    Sugar Babe
    Summer Pudding
    Too Drunk
    Tuca Tuca
    Up You Get
    Vanilla in the Mist (nooo!)
    Vit C Toner Tab
    Vit E Toner Tab

  4. Not really bothered about these two going. :)

    If @Breige is right why are they getting rid of sakura?!?! and ma bar?!?! too drunk? and sugar babe < the green one is disgusting, sugar babe is amazing. green one kills me. its horrid.
    Lucy x

  5. ^Not sure why they're getting rid of some of those, they still seem quite popular. Like Ma Bar, it was the first bubble bar I got and I love it! (though not as much as The Comforter). There's a list on the UK website


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