September 04, 2011

Bizarrely Brilliant Beauty Tips

We've all been handed down beauty tips and tricks along the line. Some of them work and some of them are, err, questionable at best.

My auntie warned me off waxing my brows as, apparently, it would give me saggy eyelids (I'll let you know if this is true in, say, 20 years time!). My mam tried to scare my sisters and I with the perils of shaving ones legs as the hair would grow back thicker/darker/with horns (We didn't listen and our leg hair is still thin, fair and horn-less!).

But, among all those scare tactics, horror stories and genuinely good advice are some tips that are just so bizarre that they have to work! I don't remember where I picked up all of these tips and some of them are probably not a secret to you but, they are most definitely worth sharing!

Puffy Eyes

Have you ever been so utterly exhausted that your eyes have puffed up to twice their normal size making you look like you had a fight with a swarm of bees? I think we've all been there at one time or another and Murphy's Law dictates that it will usually happen when you have to show your face in public.

A cheap and quick way to reduce puffy eyes is to keep two teaspoons in the freezer and, on days where you wake up tireder than when you went to bed, just pop them onto your [closed] eyes. The freezing cold metal almost instantly reduces the puffiness and makes you feel a little bit more alert!


It's like a cliché storyline from a predictable 80s sitcom (think Blossom). You have a big event coming up, the biggest of your life, and, naturally, your usually clear skin decides to rebel and you sprout a mini volcano on the tip of your nose. What do you do? 

Well, what I have found to be an unbeatable combination is, wait for it, perfume and toothpaste. Spritz your finger or a cotton bud with some perfume and dab it on the offending blemish the night before/morning of said event. The alcohol in the perfume will cause the spot to dry up and shrink.

Apply the toothpaste to the shrivelled spot (ew!) as you’re mooching around the house or going to bed and this will take any redness away (Sudocrem works in the same way). NB: Do not use coloured toothpaste as it will stain your skin and then you have bigger problems than a measly spot! 


My longtime beautician actually bestowed this little gem upon me. I was getting my waxing done before going on holiday one summer and my legs were covered in big, red and unbearably itchy midgey bites. I could barely hold still as she tried to work around the bites as the hot wax was aggravating them even more.

 "What are you going to do in 40 degree heat?" she asked me. I shrugged and mumbled halfheartedly something about them probably being gone by the next day when I was due to fly out. She looked at me with a look of mingled pity and disbelief and advised me to slather some 1% hydrocortisone cream on them when I went home. The next morning, to cut a long story short, they were about half the size they were, no longer red and not at all itchy. Two days later, they were gone entirely. 



I won't spend too long on this one as it is something you all probably know. Styes are an infection of the sebaceous glands at the base of the eyelashes (thank you Wikipedia!) and can be extremely uncomfortable as well as entirely unsightly.

One way I have tried and tested for reducing the appearance of the stye is to steep a teabag, allow it to cool and then press it to the infected eye. I'm not sure why it works exactly, could be something to do with the caffeine, but it definitely soothes and reduces the infection and gives you an excuse to lay back and close your eyes for a while!

Fine Lines

My final bizarrely brilliant beauty tip comes courtesy of my mam and it was she who gave me the idea for this post. She informed me that eye cream is a brilliant way to improve the appearance of the fine lines that appear around your mouth, whether they are from aging or just from laughing and talking. An added bonus of this unorthodox use of eye cream, she discovered, is that it also soothes and smoothes dry and chapped lips. You might not want to lick your lips while it dries though! 

So, that's my lot of weird beauty tips that work! What is the most bizarrely brilliant beauty tip you've ever received?


  1. I used toothpaste one time on a nasty chin spot I was a bit over excited and looked like I had the plague nearly removed all the skin of my chin... Ejit that's me

  2. Haha yeah you do have to be careful! Works though! x

  3. totally get the tea bags, i had a bad eye infection last year, and the cold teabags were the only relief i got, i used the chamomile ones but normal ones were very good aswell


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