August 22, 2011

Dove Beauty Finish

Y'know the way you've always dreamt of having flawless armpits, right?

What, not you either? Admittedly, it's something very few of us have ever actively thought about. it's enough to keep them hair and stank-free without having to worry about how pretty they look. Hence, we did shrug our shoulders a little upon receiving this press release.

However, when you give it some consideration, you can see why it might be something to take into account during your daily beauty routine. Dove's latest release, Dove Beauty Finish, is a 24-hour antiperspirant and also gives underarm skin a smooth, flawless and natural appearance.

Using pearlescent mica and containing their traditional 1/4 moisturising cream, Dove Beauty Finish aims to keep you sweat and odour-free while also working towards perfect looking underarms so that you have the confidence to wear whatever takes your fancy.

We've been trying this for the last couple of weeks and, while it's not long enough to say whether we have airbrushed-looking underarms, Beauty Finish continues the long-standing Dove tradition keeping you fresh all day long, and the scent is gorgeous.Teaming up with Irish photographer Barry McCall, Dove stripped some well-known Irish faces of their usual beauty aides to reveal a natural Beauty Finish look.

So, as funny as it sounds, will you be incorporating pretty pits into your beauty routine this Autumn/Winter?!



  1. NO!
    I got this too and thought this was not only stupid but irresponsible! The deodorant's fine but the marketing tactic is yet another thing to make women feel insecure about. Yer bleedin pits! Who jaysis cares! Sigh.

  2. deodorant surely has one main purpose, who has 'beautiful armpits'? The beauty world is a bit mad sometimes!Áine

  3. I have this deodorant, I have bought it because it was part of a promo to get a Nails Inc polish (haha I'm a sucker for those). But I have to say I prefer the Regular Dove deodorant.

  4. @Kirstie - Hmm I wouldn't go as far as saying it's another thing to make us feel insecure? I sometimes get irritated pits (TMI, sorry) and although I wouldn't be crying about it, something like this does help!

    @Aine - yeah I don't exactly go around checking peoples' pits, haha!

    @ Ms Bubu - I like the normal one too!

    D x

  5. Nice, I want to try it. Thanks for following I am following back =)


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