August 26, 2011

Sinéad's Top 5 for Under a Fiver!

Following on from Dee's earlier post on her Top 5 Products for Under a Fiver, I decided to show you all mine.

ONE We've both waxed lyrical about Johnson's Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover many times now. My review got my mam's friend to give up her high end eye make-up remover (which shall remain nameless!) in favour of this one and, as she says herself, she hasn't looked back. This wont irritate the sensitive eye are but, it will remove ALL eye make-up including the ultra long-lasting Benefit They're Real! ad La Roche Posay Respectissime mascaras. This comes in at €4.50 from Penneys/Primark.

TWO Essence Nail Polish Remover is pretty much a staple in my nail routine now. There are three types; hardening, moisturising and whitening and, while I can't verify if these whiten or moisturise, all 3 most definitely harden and I credit them with giving me any kind of length in my nails at all. I also love that they are each scented which takes away the strong acetone smell (and makes the anti-nail polish boyfriend a bit happier!). Also from Penneys/Primark, this is a mere €1.30.

THREE I literally cannot live without my turban towel. I get mine from Penneys/Primark and have one for my mam's, one for my dad's and one for my gym bag! I don't blow dry my hair so, this is great for keeping it out of the way and taking the heavy wet out of it. You can't go too far wrong for €1.50!

FOUR Being that I am often poverty stricken combined with the fact that I can't pluck my own eyebrows (I mean I CAN but, not well!), I often end up with some out of control brows. Thankfully, the hairs are fair so I get away without a threading/waxing for longer than the average person but, Essence Brow Gel at €2.49 keeps all the stray hairs tidy and gives my brows some structure and shape, even when unruly!

FIVE I first picked up an Inecto product (their exfoliator) on a whim in Lanzarote last summer and I fell in love. I really regretted not picking up more from the line until Dee informed me months later that it was, in fact, carried in our local chemist. I have since bought their mask and daily moisturiser and love both. I'm pretty sure everything is priced at around €3.95!

What are your Top 5 for Under a Fiver products?


S x


  1. I love when a blog makes me want something that I won't have to save up for a month to get! I must try that eye makeup remover, I've spend a fortune on the one I have and still have panda eyes the next morning

  2. Loved reading this. Especially the wee turban towels haha, MUST HAVE!


  4. Love your picks!

    I got a couple of those turban towels too - rockage ;)

  5. I have and love everything on your list Sinead.

    I only got the Inecto exfoliator recently but I'm really impressed by it esp for the price.

  6. I must try those turban towels, can you believe I'm a turban virgin???? xo


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