August 19, 2011

Review: La Roche-Posay Respectissime Volumizing Mascara

God there's nothing we love more than a good mascara. And, you know, as beauty junkies go, we're easily pleased. We like mascaras that lengthen and volumise but, we also like mascaras that give the effect of false lashes and last all day. We're equal opportunity mascara users you could say!
So, where does Respectissime Volumizing Mascara, La Roche-Posay's newest offering, fit in with our merry band of mascaras?

Well, first off, this is the first waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes meaning that rubbing and scrubbing is kept to a minimum to reduce irritation (As contact lens wearers, we LOVE this!
). It is also hypoallergenic, fragranc-free and has a high-tolerance composition. La Roche-Posay say that Respectissime offers the extreme hold usually associated with waterproof mascara while also being easy to remove.

That's what they say so, what do we say?

Packaging: La Roche-Posay is one of those funny brands. We'd never consider it super high-end but, we'd never call it drugstore either despite the fact that, well, it's a brand that is sold exclusively in drugstores!

However, packaging-wise, Respectissime undoubtedly emulates the higher-end brands with sleek, shiny black tubing with bright blue accents. It's still in keeping with the rest of the range but, it would definitely stand out on a display. How this tube look and feels definitely betrays its reasonable €17 price tag.

Applicator: Talk about a blast from the past, Respectissime has, gasp, a relatively normal, traditional-looking mascara wand! Small and sparsely populated with bristles, the only slightly odd element of the applicator is that one side has longer bristles than the other which, probably, even the most make-up shy person could deal with!

LRP have christened this wand the "Express Charge" brush and say that it offers volume and definition in one without any unnecessary friction. We wholly agree with this statement. One gentle swoop of the wand results in evenly coated lashes that are reminiscent of lash extensions in that they are beautifully feathery and soft while still framing the eyes. Presumably, it is the asymmetry of the "Express Charge" brush that results in this affect?!

Longevity: Being that this mascara is intended to have extreme hold but, be suitable for sensitive eyes, this category was bound to be a make-or-break point of our testing. Happily, we can report that Respectissime lasts all day and withstands the harrowing conditions of rain, wind and exercise with no smudging or flaking. 

That being said, the dual-marketing angle of this product is that it is long-lasting yet easy to remove and, yes, it lasts all day but, no, it is not easy to remove. You really do need a bi-phase eye make-up remover to have a hope in getting this off before bed. LRP, naturally, recommend their own Physiological Eye Make-Up Remover but, this aint cheap so, if you don't have a heavy duty remover around, hold off on applying your new mascara. Water, soap, make-up wipes or cleanser will not make a dent in this stuff which is good or bad depending on how you look at it!

Formula: Respectissime is the kind of formula we love in our mascaras; combination wet and dry but, leaning more towards the drier side of things! 

There is very little to say here that hasn't been covered above except that, it is a super duper light formulation resulting in those pretty, feathery lashes. Unusually for a mascara, Respectissime contains Jojoba oil which coats each lash in a creamy "sheath" and also, ceramides which nourish and reinforce the lashes.

You're really not going to go wrong with this mascara. It's gentle and hard-wearing and creates gorgeous, natural-looking lashes but, just make sure you have the remover on standby for when bedtime comes!



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  1. I think I need this mascara in my life, it sounds great.


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