August 27, 2011

Review: eos Lipbalm

You know when you've wanted and obsessed about something for so long, and then, when you finally get it,  it's a grave disappointment? I'm sure you do, it's happened to the best of us.

Suffice to say, this was not the case with the eos lipbalm my lovely buddy Sarah brought me back from her trip to Florida (you HAVE to go check our her amazing hauls!). I have wanted one of these spherical balms for literally years. It's one of those silly things that you just fixate on and will not rest until you get it. (Thanks again Sarah, now I can move on to fixate on something new!)

So, how does little eos not disappoint?

Well, I love the quirkiness of the packaging and how it's a sure-fire conversation starter. I've had reactions ranging from someone asking me did I get a Kinder Surprise to a very inquisitive "What the hell is that?!" Take one of these babies out of your bag and you're guaranteed to get some attention!

The balm itself is lovely. I mentioned before that it's the perfect balm to prep your lips for lipstick. It's soft and incredibly smooth, it's thin enough that it doesn't gather in the corners of your mouth yet, it's thick enough that you feel as though your lips are being protected and moisturised. Even super sexy hotties Ed Westwick and Kellan Lutz are fans!

Scent-wise it's also a winner. I've only tried this one, the Lemon Drop flavour, but, it's definitely lemony fresh, the kind of addictive, sure-to-wake-you-up-in-the-mornings citrus that I love. This is another reason it's great for before lipstick as it helps to mask the scent if it's not one you're fond of!

When Sarah got this for me, you couldn't get them for love nor money outside the US (Well you could order them off the website or amazon but only if you paid a hefty shipping charge!). Now, thankfully, they are available over here which, I take as a sign from above that I must purchase each of the other flavours! Beauty Emporium stock eos for a friendly €6.95 and offer a flat-rate of €2 for delivery (so, it works out very cheaply if you want to stock up on some Sleek Make-Up!).

I'll most definitely be stocking up on some more of these. It sits beside my PC in work everyday and I apply it kind of obsessively! It's worn down so much since I got it less than a month ago and I wouldn't imagine it will be long before I need to buy another one!


S x


  1. They look soo cute!! really want one!!!

  2. These are on my list of things to order from Beauty Emporium.

  3. I want! Such cute packaging :)

  4. They are adorable and so good! You all need one!

  5. I really want to try one of these! :]
    Lucy x

  6. i love mine i got it as a gift too, i got the summer fruits one, it peach and tastes like archers lol!

    shel xx

  7. I'm completly "meh" about this. I do love its unique packaging which makes it quirky and stand out but the lip balm itself it nothing amazing. Thinking about it, it's about €7 for the product with €2 for shipping so you're basically spending €9 on a lipbalm. Don'think I'll be bothered to get another one now that I have one. It's more so the price tag that puts me off than the product itself though!

  8. I think the lipbalm is great! It's the perfect consistency for before lipstick and it makes my lips really soft and stays on for ages!

  9. I've only just seen this now, thanks for the mention and I'm so glad you love it! They are great to apply before lipstick :D



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