August 04, 2011

Review: Benefit They're Real! Mascara

When these babies landed through the letterbox we literally jumped for joy. We love Benefit and we love mascara and we had (impatiently) been waiting to get our paws on the new release ever since one of the girls told us it was what she had on at the Benefit Beauty Bloggers Breakfast when we asked her were her eyelashes naturally that amazing!

They're Real! officially launches in three weeks on Saturday 27th August at Benefit counters nationwide (Edit: and it costs €24.50!) but, for one day only on Saturday 6th August you can get your hands on a tube at a Flash Sale being held in Debenhams, Henry Street, Dublin and Debenhams, Mahon Point, Cork. But, what can you expect from this long-awaited mascara?

Packaging: If you've been reading us for awhile now, you'll know that we love when a product comes with good packaging. We love when the package feels and looks satisfying and, as far as we're concerned, Benefit always delivers in this department!

The tube of They're Real! is a gorgeous, contoured and shiny steel grey and, while we aren't sure if it is actually metal, it feels cold to the touch and is certainly heavy enough to give the impression of a really minimalistic mascara tube (if ever there was a thing!).

Funnily enough, we were both also really taken with the box the mascara comes in. It's really eye-catching and fun and we loved that it had statistics from Benefit's testing of the mascara splashed all over it.

Applicator: The wand that comes with They're Real! seems to be the lovechild of a few of our favourite mascaras or those that have, ahem, revolutionised the mascara world in recent years. Firstly, it's of the rubber-come-plastic school of mascara wands. This is in-line with our personal preferences as we are huge fans of the Avon SuperSHOCK range and also of Max Factor False Lash Effect (or Cover Girl Lash Blast volume depending on which side of the Atlantic you're from!).

Secondly, the bristles are all of varying lengths and well-spaced meaning that literally every single lash gets coated. Thirdly, and what most of you who are looking at the picture below are probably thinking "WTF?!" to, is that the wand is topped with a wrecking ball-style head. If you're thinking that you've seen this type of mascara applicator before, you'd be right but, this is much, much better! Better because it combines a reasonably normal mascara wand with a good-idea-in-theory wand and made it a stellar-idea-when-fused-together wand! The (Givenchy-inspired) wrecking ball head allows you to turn the wand at any angle and reach all of your lashes, yes, even those scutty little ones around your tearducts!

A slight word of warning though. Because some of the bristles are longer than on your average wand and because the wrecking ball bristles go an opposite direction to those on the main wand, there is an increased risk of eye-pokage. I (Sinéad) never ever poke myself in the eyes with mascara. I can even put it on without a mirror in the back of a car but, when I was getting used to this wand, I had many-a-day of bloodshot eyes and mascara-streaked contact lenses so, just take it slow and steady near the roots of the lashes as those plastic bristles hurt like hell!

Longevity: Neither of us suffer badly with smudged or flaky mascara (Stop touching your eyes people!) so, even the worst mascaras in the world tend to last ages on us. However, this isn't the worst mascara in the world and, so, it lasts literally all bloody day. We wore it to a gig in Whelan's last week and despite the sweaty, sticky atmosphere (euch!) neither of us had any issue with run-off.

While longevity is all well and good, it is important to note that this can be tough to take off at the end of the day. A simple face cleanser will not cut it and no amount of rubbing or scrubbing with a towel (tut tut!) will remove every last scrap so, you really need to work with a good bi-phase eye make-up remover to ensure that you don't wake up with panda eyes!

Formula: The formula is usually the make-or-break point of a mascara for anyone. Some like 'em wet, some like 'em dry. We're in-betweeny girls ourselves. We like the product to be wet enough to move smoothly on the lashes but, dry enough that you don't get mascara spots on your lids even after waiting five minutes for it to dry. They're Real! definitely is an in-betweeny formula though with an obvious leaning towards the wetter side of things (not bad but, just something worth noting!).

As for whether they give your lashes the desired and hyped "they're real?!" effect, it definitely comes up trumps. Length, volume and curl are all very apparent, even after one coat, and because this is the blackest-of-black formulas, lashes end up looking like falsies by the end of application. This is what most of us are looking for in a mascara, so it's well worth the money! See for yourselves in the pictures below (Dee's lashes are so naturally and insanely amazing that she only needs one coat...sigh...S x).



Will you be picking up a tube of They're Real! at the Flash Sale this weekend?



  1. Such a fab product. Really suits both of you!

    Have yet to hear less than glowing reviews, unfortunately am on a spending ban (Serious this time) but will deffny be picking it up in the states x

  2. Right.... SHALL be getting this!! Brill review. Do ye know how much!?

  3. Thanks for all the comments ladies! Sorry Laura, obviously had a brain fart and forgot to include most important piece of info! Have added it in as an edit! Woops! x

  4. Ahhh, I want it even more now after your great review girls, sadly I'll have to wait til it's released properly as I wont be able to get my hands on it tomorrow (*sad face*) but it will be mine eventually.


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