August 03, 2011

LUSH Review - Part One!

Whether you are a skincare freak or a bath fanatic, LUSH delivers everytime. LUSH is one of those companies that really has something for everyone. We've both been longtime fans of the natural and handmade cosmetics range and we were delighted when they sent us their new Toothy Tabs to try out as well as a selection of their bestsellers- most of which we, surprisingly, hadn't actually tried before! There's a lot to get through here and, seeing as we have quite a bit to say about each product, we've decided to spread our reviews into two posts. Part One will be Sinéad's thoughts.

We both tried our hand at using the brand's new Toothy Tabs.We were sent 4 of the 6 flavours of Toothy Tabs to try, each one promising to deliver a little something different to your gnashers. The flavours I tried were Sparkle and Ultrablast.

LUSH Toothy Tabs including size of tab.

Toothy Tabs work in replacement of your tube of toothpaste. You take one tab, grind it between your teeth, wet your toothbrush and brush as normal, making sure to rinse your mouth out when finished. Et voilá, you have squeaky clean teefs!

These aim to be a greener, more economic alternative to toothpaste. Thousands upon thousands of aluminium toothpaste tubes are disposed of each year and wallow in dumps, not in the least bit bio-degradable. Toothy Tabs packaging is recycled and recyclable meaning that you're being green while still keeping your teeth clean (Poet and I know it!). Further to being kind to the environment, you're not spending a whole lot more than you would on generic toothpaste. Toothy Tabs range in price from €2.50 to €4.45 and each box contains 40 Tabs.

 I was super hesitant about using these instead of toothpaste. We are both obsessive about dental hygiene as we went through years of braces and visits to sadistic orthodontists and, well, it's hard to put your trust in something like a crunchy tablet after using toothpaste for your entire life!

Surprisingly though, it's quite an easy transition to make. While the flavours aren't exactly as minty or as refreshing as your traditional toothpaste, Toothy Tabs do leave your teeth and mouth feeling very, very clean. I left the box of Sparkle in the bathroom that I share with my sisters and they've also been using them and find that their teeth look brighter and feel cleaner (That satisfying "squeak" is always a tell-tale sign of cleanliness!).

I love how ethical these are, especially since I can be somewhat lax (and confused!) about recycling. I also love how LUSH have taken a product we all must use like toothpaste and made it, well, fun! I'd say these would be a great way of getting kids to brush their teeth, especially if they were made in different colours! I'm not sure that these would be my first port of call when buying LUSH stuff but, at the same time, they are well on my radar and I am really enjoying using them instead of my normal squeeze-tube toothpaste!

There isn't much I can say about LUSH's famed Angels on Bare Skin (€8.90) facial cleanser except- WOW.

This stuff is transformative. In the pot, it looks like a scary, muddy mess- my first reaction was "What the bleep am I supposed to do with this?" However, a quick Tweet to CornflakeGirl who swears by this stuff informed me that you simply pick out a small chunk, run some water over it and it becomes a milky, exfoliating daily cleanser.

The muddy base you see in the picture below is actually kaolin clay which is used for deep cleansing while the black bits are ground almonds, used for exfoliating and smoothing the skin. It feels super satisfying to wash my face as I feel like my pores are getting a thorough going over and the overall appearance of my skin has improved significantly since I started using this about a month ago.

I wouldn't use this to take off my make-up as I don't think my skin would get the full cleansing/exfoliating benefits of it and, a word of warning, avoid your eyes...bits of kaolin clay and crushed almonds hurt like hell and are a bitch to get out! It's rare that I don't have one niggle about a product and, am usually wary if it seems too perfect but, Angels on Bare Skin has to be the exception. Scent, concept and effectiveness are all spot on and, while it looks scary and, quite frankly, gross, it is one of the nicest things I have ever used on my skin. Period.

When we saw that Dream Cream (€16.85 for 240g) was one of the products we received, I was all over it. I've heard such amazing things about this as a treatment for dry-skin, psoriasis and, the bane of my life, eczema (When you Google "Lush Dream Cream" the first suggested search is "Lush Dream Cream Eczema!) that I could not wait to slap it on my dry patches and scars and let it work its magic!

Scent and texture-wise, Dream Cream is on the money. The first four ingredients listed are Oat Milk, Rose Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cocoa Butter and I can really smell these in the cream, especially the underlying cocoa butter. Surprisingly, they all work really well together and result it a light and fresh scented cream. Similarly, the texture of the cream is light and refreshing. It's almost a lotion consistency which soaks into the skin super quickly and doesn't leave any kind of film on the skin.

Nice smells and a silky texture are all well and good but, for me, the make-it-or-break-it factor was whether it lived up to it's reputation as the saving grace of eczema sufferers. Happily, I can report that Dream Cream does soothe, relieve and calm dry, cracked and irritated skin like those patches of eczema on my lower legs (and a pain-in-the-arse one on my right eyelid!). I have taken to applying this in the morning, after showers and before bed and my skin has become so smooth and it even looks smooth! I have also been using this on any remaining bits of keratosis pilaris on my upper arms and it's been working it's magic on these too. This, as with the Angels on Bare Skin, will become a mainstay in my skincare routine. 

Finally, I have been using the Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow. The Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow is intended for olive skintones. I have the palest skin imaginable. Should be a disaster, right? Wrong. Take two parts moisturiser (Trilogy Face Care Vital Moisturising Cream for me) and one part Colour Supplement and you've got a gorgeous tinted moisturiser that gives ample coverage without being heavy and stays looking dewy all day. 

I have said many a time now that I just don't wear foundation on a daily basis. I'm lucky enough not to need it and, frankly, I'd much prefer the extra few minutes in bed in the mornings! However, I have found that, instead of just dusting my face with MAC MSFN as a cover-up, I've been reaching for this (evidenced here and here). It literally takes a second to mix in with my moisturiser and rub into my face and I feel as though I look really healthy. For less than a tenner, this is pretty much a bargain as foundations go and the pot will last your forever as you use so little!

Hopefully this review was informative and not too long! What are your favourite LUSH products?

S x


  1. I'm almost out of my angels! Wah! Love the review, have been meaning to give Dream Cream a go :)

  2. persuading me to take a trip to lush for first time in years!i tried their babyface solid cleanser years ago, it was good but kinda greasy- di take all makeup off though!Áine

  3. Angels on Bare Skin looks mental! I've been a bit hit and miss with Lush skin care so far but would deffo give this a go for the craic :)

  4. Great review Sinead and thanks for the mention.

    I'm gonna pick up some of those Toothy Tabs when I go to buy my replacement Angels on Bare Skin at the weekend, they sound great. I think I'll have a good look at the colour supplements too and try and see if I can get a sample.

    Dream Cream was my holy grail moisturiser for years but then last year it just stopped working for me so I switched to La Roche Posay. I'm actually glad it stopped working though because I'd have had to give it up anyway cos I can't use oat based products anymore.

    Phew, that was a long comment.

  5. Thanks for all the comments ladies! Angels on Bare skin is lifechanging!! x

  6. I've been using A'kin cleanser for two years and after getting a sample of Ultrabland I swear I can't go's amazing!! Lasts sooooooo long too!

  7. Yeah the products seem to last forever!!

  8. I adore the Dream Cream and the Angels on Bare Skin too! I have been hesitant to try the Breath of God but I think I might have to give it a whirl :)

  9. you got some lovely stuff there. i have not yet tried any lush stuff :(

  10. Great review! Just fyi, the black bits on angels is actually lavender. Lavender is amazing for the skin. Also, have you tried dirty toothy tabs? They're a lovely minty flavour.


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