August 09, 2011

Inglot Newbie

Today's post is a joyful one. I am extremely happy to announce that I have lost my Inglot virginity. On a trip out to visit my auntie in hospital yesterday, I mysteriously ended up in Dundrum en route and subsequently ended up in Inglot with swatches up and down my arms. If money was no object, I could have bought the whole shop, but sadly that was not the case and I settled for this palette:

If you can't already tell, I lurve it. Inglot shadows are notoriously well-pigmented, and when I finally got to play with them in person, I wasn't disappointed. I went for five fairly neutral colours that could make up a decent smokey eye, choosing three mattes and two shimmer shades. I can't tell you the exact numbers of what I picked, as the pans are pretty hard to get out of the palette, and I don't want to risk messing up any of the shadows!

[EDIT] - I finally managed to prise 'em out after tips from a few of you guys who wanted to know what the colours were! So they are (from L-R):

  • Pearl 393
  • Matte 344
  • Matte 360
  • Matte 326
  • AMC Shine 12

Pretty swatches:

The shadows on my mug:

So yep, I'm really pleased and a total Inglot convert. I love MAC eyeshadows as much as the next person but, they are horrendously overpriced. 1.3g for €15? Ah here. 
This five-shadow palette (with each pan weighing in at 2.7g) set me back €30, and I'm finding the payoff, blendability and longevity all to be better than MAC. As soon as the Jervis Centre Inglot opens, I'll be making a few more purchases, so stay tuned!

D x


  1. Inglot is opening in Jervis? Where? Upstairs? Do you know when?
    Sorry for all the questions just dying to try them out and never get near their shops for some reason.

    Those shades are gorgeous and they look lovely on. Good job lady! :)

  2. I have no idea where but I'm guessing upstairs, and apparently this month! Thanks love! X

  3. Oh I am in love with this palette! I saw a big sign for inglot right outside the boots in jervis on saturday, where place that sells scarves was, I actually went "squee" ;P

  4. Oh Dee them colours are fab together. Really wana know what the 2nd and 4th colours are. Some slim butter knives fit in well, or the skinny part of a bendy hair clip! Pity they don't give lik stickers of the numbers

  5. tip is to use an earring to get them outta the pan then write the names on the back! I think Inglot shadows are better than MAC especially their matte black tis mile better and easier to work with then carbon!

  6. Gorgeous colours! Love the eye look you've created with them too. Really is lovely! x

  7. I hate it when you mysteriously manage to find yourself in a shop that sells make up :) I am dying to try Inglot but wasn't too sure what the price was but that is great value for that kind of quality. I think I know what I will be asking santa for :)

  8. holy shit! those colors make your eyes look amazing!

  9. Holy Smokes! Those colours look amazing on you!!! How about a "how to..." with those shades?

  10. the look you've done is absolutely stunning! i felt like a kid in a candy store when i went to inglot. i literally couldn't choose which eyeshadows to get, so i just ended up with a nail polish haha xx

  11. I love this palette, they're exactly my kind of colours and look great on you Dee.


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