August 31, 2011

Inglot Addict

Inglot is my new obsession. The prices are fair and the quality is amazing. I can see this turning into a 'collection' situation, where I find myself buying tons of Inglot with the justification that I am 'collecting' it in mind. Oh well, I love the stuff! Last week, I got another 5 pan palette and their infamous gel liner (not pictured). The liner really is amazing but will take some getting used to, as it is a lot thicker than the Essence one that I had been using.

Basically, this is another set of neutral/smokey colours, which will work really well with that I already have. I also love how the palettes snap magnetically onto each other - it's so satisfying and also hugely practical. If any of you are interested, the shades I got are, from L-R:

Matte 330
Pearl 409
Pearl 423
AMC Shine 09
Matte 309


And here's a look I came up with yesterday using these babies! I just love how easy to blend they are, it gets the job done quicker!

Will you be trying out Inglot?

D x


  1. You're eyes look amazing honey and the liner is great but I reserve it for nights because it is so intense and I know what you mean that it is thicker than other ones but it is still amazing. Have you had trouble removing it?

  2. They look so pigmented! Your eyes look lovely :) x

  3. @Aphrosie - Yeah i think I'll do the same, the Johnson's eye makeup remover just about does the trick for me!

    @shanice - thanks so much, they are reallyyy pigmented! :)

  4. Oh you are really making me want some Inglot gonna enjoy watching your collection grow :)

  5. Ooh, these are gorgeous and I love how they look on you Dee.

    I have AMC Shine 09 and it's one of my favs.

    I agree about it becoming a collection though, my palette is getting a lot of use (almost daily,) and I'm planning on picking up another one next week along with a liner and a lippie or two, hehe. Inglot is gonna bankrupt me.

  6. These look amazeballs on you Dee

  7. These look amazing, I have never tried anything from Inglot before :)

    Love Christine ♥

  8. I've never tried Inglot, I've no idea how I'd get hold of the brand! I'd love to try it though, it looks amazing! x


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