August 25, 2011

Essence 'I Love..' Collection (plus a few other new bits!)

On Monday we gave you an exclusive preview of Catrice's Modern Muse collection for Autumn 2011 and, well, we're the gift that keeps on giving as, today, we have a preview of Essence's "I Love..." collection as well as a few other sneaky additions to the budget brand. We're not going to include everything as the post would simply be too long, so instead we've picked our favourites (and there are plenty!)

Eyeshadow bases have become a bit of a phenomenon in recent years and, Essence has laid its cards on the table with their I Love Stage eye primer. The usual spiel applies here: it has a super creamy texture which is crease-resistant and intensifies the colour of eyeshadow. 

We haven't yet road-tested this properly, but first impressions are good. It feels decent and quite tacky, but not as thick as Urban Decay Primer Potion. If you really wanted your eyeshadow to go the distance, two layers of this beforehand may be the way to go.

Next we have yet another mascara (we've been inundated with them recently!) I was really impressed with this when I used it for the first time yesterday. It definitely performs in terms of volume, and is extremely black. The brush is lovely and fat and I think that the end result is not unlike what you'd get with Max Factor False Lash Effect. Really like the packaging here too, the pink and black brings me back to my Avril Lavigne years (cringe).

I Love Extreme Volume Mascara (I do!) 

One of the most interesting products from this collection is the I Love Glam Powder Eyeliner & Eyeshadow. I think the 'eyeshadow part of its name was definitely a bit of an afterthought - there's no way you'd catch me faffing around trying to cover my whole eyelid with that yoke!
This product is Essence's answer to the Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eyeliners, which launched last spring. The idea behind them is to give a more smokey look - if you're a die-hard fan of sharp, defined eyeliner, then look away now.

I definitely fall into the former category, so I was suprised at how much I liked this. It's super easy to apply, so worth investigating if you don't have the steadiest of hands. It's also quicker to do than my usual cat eye, and won't transfer onto the upper part of your eyelid, which happens frequently to me with pencil liners. Thumbs up all round for this one.

My very favourite Essence product has to be their amazing liquid eyeliners. They are, in short, fantastic and they really last. Both the packaging and applicator have been redesigned and, while I like the new tube, I'm not 100% gone on the new felt applicator. Maybe this is simply because I'm so used to the old 'traditional' brush, but I find the new applicator a little more difficult. 

I wouldn't let this discourage you though, as these really are stand-out products. I prefer Essence liquid eyeliner over L'Oréal, Bourjois, MAC...the list goes on! I had never tried the waterproof one before and was amazed at how long a swatch of it survived for on my hand the other day. 

We've already showed you Catrice's answer to this season's most covetable eyeshadow, Illusion d’Ombre de Chanel, a light, whipped shadow with amazing colour payoff and, it seems that Essence too is jumping on the mousse-y shadow bandwagon with their Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Essence describe these as "heavily pigmented" with "metallic effects". They also claim that the creaminess  means that they do not crease which is a major claim! We'll be monitoring these carefully to see if they do what they say! There are 6 shades to choose from; Copy Right, Glammy Goes to..., Steel the Show, Stars & Stories, Camp Rock and Rock Chick. Above is Stars & Stories - going on first impressions, it's not quite as smooth as the Catrice version, but still worth a gander.

Finally, we have a tube of tint it! colour changing lipgloss, which is another nod to Smashbox (O-Glow, anyone?) This is like a (slightly!) more mature answer to those mood rings you used to wear as a kid, this time with the glossy colour changing from blue to pink (Turn to Crazy), from orange to pink (Turn to Lucky) or from purple to pink (Turn to Happy) - basically, you will end up with pink lips! Their special formula will give your lips a long-lasting tint with an added bit of shimmer. This is definitely a fun, gimmicky product that is outside the norm of most our make-up bags.

Even more mascara is also on the way from Essence, as we have yet another reincarnation of MAC's Haute&Naughty. I won't bore you with the details, I'm sure you all know the drill by now. I'm super interested to see if 2 in 1 Volume is any different to the Catrice one, and will be pitting them against each other in the coming weeks.

 We all love Essence nail polish for the amazing range of shades and pocket-friendly price (at €1.20, it's cheaper than a bottle of Diet Coke...another addiction of mine). The latest additions to the line-up look set to give Deborah Lipmann a run for her money - they are super-glittery and gorgeous. The gold one is sitting in front of me just begging to be used - a NOTD is surely coming up soon!

This has turned into a ridiculously long post, so if you've made it down here, well done! The last product is a translucent setting powder that seems to have taken influence from the likes of Make Up For Ever's HD Powder. I'm dying to know if this works, as it would be a total steal if it actually lives up to its claims. Review to follow!

Will you be picking up anything from the "I Love..." Collection? Do any of these other new bits take your fancy? Let us know in the comments!




  1. Oh the mascaras look great I love essence stuff it's a great brand !! That lip tint has bein and gone it was 2 collections ago in my town !! I'm patiently waiting on the ballerina cheek soufflé if it ever comes out haha :) x x great post

  2. That mascara and the blue polish look great!

  3. i love essence!nice post on it!my pockets will thank me for picking essence over mac. Áine

  4. The extreme mascara looks amaziiing!!!

  5. Cute packaging, the mascara looks pretty good.
    Lucy x

  6. love the look of the nail polishes.U cant go wrong for €1.20!1

  7. The liner and shadows have certainly caught my eye.

  8. Having palpitations. Cheap Deborah Lipmann-esque polishes? Mascara that does THAT? Tinted lipgloss? (LOVED the one from their Wham Bam or Whoom Boom or whatever it was called Edition but I ran out). I love Essence :)

  9. The lip changing stain was AMAZING and it wasn't sticky thank god, but kind of smooth like vaseline..! Amazing colours though and lasted forever!! Nearly cried when they sold out in penneys! Are they planning to stock it again do yous know?

  10. The Mascara is soo good, quite like Bad Gal from Benefit?? Also the eyeshadow primer is so soft and goes on so smooth, definately made my eyeshadow last a whole lot longer than it usually would!!

    also are the nail varnishes from Essence good? Do they chip much? I always go for the catrice ones because they have such an amazing colour selection!

    Also my all time favourite Essence product has got to be the brow kit! The light brown colour is perfect for brown- dark eyebrowns, great as an eyeshadow and also amazing to add a tiny bit when contouring! Love the brand so much!xxx


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