August 26, 2011

Dee's Top 5 for Under a Fiver!

I originally saw this post on the fabulous CherrySue's blog, and thought it was a fantastic idea. We all have less money in our pockets these days, so here are five ways to pamper/beautify yourself for under a fiver!

Just in case you haven't already heard me harp on about them, my favourite cheap find of recent times has to be these Angelica polishes. The glitters are especially amazing for the price - €2.75! I love all of mine, and you can read more about them here.

One of my favourite body lotions happens to be a major cheapo one. We're all familiar with baby lotion and it definitely isn't one to sneer at. This does a fantastic job of caring for my skin as a day-to-day moisturiser, which also helps to prolong my false tan. I already mentioned this in our July Favourites video, and I doubt I'll tire of it any time soon!

Essence Gel Eyeliner is a firm favourite of mine. I think it's better and easier to apply than the Bobbi Brown one, and at €3.49, it won't set you back too much. I can't recommend this enough, it's fantastic stuff and my go-to eyeliner.

 Next is the brush I use to apply my gel liner. This is a proper Winsor & Newton paintbrush, which set me back €4.60 in the Art & Hobby shop. This is by far the best brush I've ever used to achieve a cat eye look, and I highly recommend trying one of these before splurging on a MAC one! If you're interested in more affordable brushes, read this!

My final fix for under a a fiver (Did you like that? Probably not...) has to be a good auld Lush bath ballistic. I love buying these and looking forward to using them. One of my favourites is Mrs Whippy, which has a gorgeous vanilla-y scent. Perfect for relaxing and pampering yourself!
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  1. Will pick up that body lotion next time I see it, I love the smell! Is there a number or anything on that brush?

  2. Yay for the shout out ;D

    I've each & every one of your five but never get to use the Lush as the lads pilfer it for their baths. Every time. *shakes fist*

  3. I have to get me one of those paint brushes.

    I love the Essence gel liners too.

  4. Everything on your list sounds fab and looks great! I actually spotted those Angelica polishes today, must try one out :D! xx


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