August 06, 2011

Breaking News! Benefit, Brown Thomas is...

...moving home! From the 16th of August, Benefit in Brown Thomas, Dublin will be moving from their corner spot inside the main door to the current location of the Shiseido counter. This is intended to give the customers a bit more privacy and to avoid the overcrowding and heavy traffic that results from being so close to the main door. 

And, for the week of the 16th, Benefit will be offering free makeovers to celebrate their move and, there is the (unconfirmed!) possibility that there will be free samples for those who get madeover! You can simply drop in for your makeover or book an appointment by calling the counter directly on (01) 6171139.

In other Benefit news:
We had a meeting with the brands regional manager today who informed us of a tonne of new releases between now and January 2012. There will be a new highlighting product in October called What's Up? (possibly set to eclipse Moonbeam in the long term...har har see what we did there?!), a line of false lashes and new make-up brushes in November while, rumor has it, that January will see the launch of one of Benefit's most longed for products, liquid foundation!

Exciting stuff afoot with Benefit to say the least!



P.S. Some of you will wonder, as did we, what's going into Benefit's current position inside BT's front door? Well, unofficially speaking, Giorgio Armani is, making the MAC counter much, much bigger!


  1. Ah it will be like years ago when that whole area was mac.. I always wondered why they changed that

  2. I don't really remember that area ever being just MAC though it may well have been and I just didn't care enought back then to notice! x

  3. OMG I thought I had imagined that the whole space had been MAC. Was in it once as a kid with my aunt and then years later when I went back it had GA in it

  4. I love Moonbeam so What's Up has me intrigued already.

    Looking forward to seeing the new BT layout now.

  5. Yeah we can't wait to see it ourselves!

    Same...apparently Tom Ford is expanding too so that whole area will change I'd imagine!

  6. That's fantastic, need to make an appointment for a makeover that week so. Love their work!

    Did think at the event in June that they must be mobbed in that spot. I usually get my fix online.

    Did you have a fab day? Any upcoming news for you sexy beasts? Hmm? Hmm? ;)

  7. Yeah that's what she was saying, it's just super busy all the time and, probably, not always with Benefit customers!

    Yeah it was great, we really enjoyed it and she seemed really positive too! Hmmm well now...that would be telling! Watch this space though, you'll all find out first ;)

  8. Yeah and Shu Emura will be taking Armani's place

  9. They are moving on my Birthday. I may have to pop in! :)

  10. Sure, it'd be rude not to!!


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