August 29, 2011

Avon Little Dot Limited Edition Fragrance Collection

Firstly, how gorgeous is that promo image? So pretty.

This, ladies, is Avon's limited edition fragrance collection Little Dot, released in celebration of the cosmetics brand reaching the big 1-2-5. Actually, that should be re-released as the Little Dot trio were Avon's first ever fragrances and triggered the launch of the brand in 1886.

Hyacinth (my favourite!), Rose and Violet fragrances make up the trio and all have been rejigged slightly from their original formulas to suit today's tastes. This is a really refreshing perfume release, due solely to the simplicity of the fragrances. Hyacinth smells like hyacinth, Rose smells like rose and Violet smells like, you guessed it, violet. Each scent is light and fresh, nothing overpowering here, no in-yo'-face notes of oak or jasmine or orange blossom or who knows what to decipher as is so common with many of today's scents.

The commemorative set is beautifully presented (Upon opening, my mam actually gasped and wistfully said "...and look how gorgeously they are packaged!") in a black box with simple silver ribbon detailing, keeping the release feeling modern and minimalistic while also paying homage to the simplicity of the Avon's founding era. Each perfume is in a glass bottle with a silver screw-top lid and incorporates the type open-neck, press-to-your-wrist-and-tip-the-bottle, method of application that I associate with the array of perfumes my nana kept on her dressing table when I was a child.

Everything about this release seems carefully thought-out and intentional, merging the present with the past while still keeping an Avon feel about the products. This trio is timeless and simple, and gorgeously so, and successfully cements Avon's 125 year history in perfumery.

Avon Little Dot Limited Edition Fragrance Collection is available now at €19.95 for 3x12ml bottles.

S x


  1. I always smell the avon perfumes to me they smell nice but they all seem to smell the same :/ I dunno :P
    Lucy x


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