August 23, 2011

Angel by Thierry Mugler EDT

Angel is a fragrance that most of us are pretty familiar with, as it's been around since 1992. I think it is quite a Marmite fragrance; some people adore it, whilst others cannot abide it. As a teenager I used to love it and always doused myself in it when walking through department stores; back then I thought the stronger the scent, the better. 

I eventually went off this particular perfume for a long time, but strong, deep and distinguishable scents have always appealed to me; Gucci by Gucci and Prada Amber EDP are two of my all-time favourites. Angel has recently been re-launched as an Eau de Toilette and I was sent a sample for review.

How pretty is the new campaign? Eva Mendes is lookin' fierce, it has to be said. A new (refillable) bottle has also been designed for the EDT, and it's bloody gorgeous. It literally looks like a comet: the star is the cap, which closes with a really satisfying magnetic click.

I think the scent is definitely more wearable than the eau de parfum, and will probably appeal to a broader spectrum of people. Having said that, certain perfumes suit some people more than others. I love this on myself as it is still quite strong for an EDT, and although there are sweet notes, it is still quite a deep scent (describing scents isn't really my forté..).

The press release I was sent gives a rather detailed spiel of what this scent is:

Celestial wave 

A pure fragrance enveloping the smell of the wind, the sky and beyond. 
Bergamot is the energy behind this breath of fresh air. It meets with red berries in a motion that is perfectly in synch — explosive with a hint of pepper. 

Delicious wave 

The pleasures of light-hearted sweets, the voluptuousness of childhood candies, and that feeling of breaking the rules… 
The sweets become delicate and vaporous: subtle dabs of praline, berries so plump you want to eat them or imagine them in a tangy jelly… 

Voluptuous wave 

Cunningly candid, the patchouli-vanilla accord is unsettling. It is tempered by cedar, a newcomer to the woody casting of the original fragrance. White musk adds nuance to the base of the fragrance, secretly feeding this unique addiction. 

Enlightened?! Nah, me neither. However, I can assure you guys that I really do like this scent a lot, and would recommend that you check it out, even if you weren't mad on the original.

D x


  1. I use womanity by Thierry Mugler. Haven't smelt this one yet. I love that most bottles are the eco refill's :)
    Lucy x

  2. This sounds really interesting. Don't think i've heard of a Eau De Parfum being re-release as an EDT. I have NEVER smelt this, but have heard it mentioned ALOT. I love strong scents also. Do you know anything about prices? Is it available now?

  3. Used to love this. Far too sickly sweet for my tastes now!


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