July 27, 2011

Viva Irish: VOYA

These Viva Irish posts are fast becoming our favourites to write. We absolutely love that so many Irish beauty and skincare brands have come out of the woodwork since we started this series and, the next one to come to our attention is VOYA.

VOYA is an organic seaweed beauty products company that originates from the West of Ireland. All of the seaweed used in their products is hand-harvested and certified organic and these products aim to purify your body and skin. 

Dee: Myself and my Mam both tried out Voya's Lazy Days Seaweed Bath. Seaweed baths have been popular for centuries, and the concept of having one at home was quite intriguing to me. The box contains bath salts and a net filled with dried seaweed, which is 100% natural. I can't say that the idea of bathing in seaweed really appealled to me, so the fact that the seaweed was somewhat encased was a good thing.
It costs €16, but you can get about 2-3 uses out of the seaweed, and it's suggested to use it as a natural garden fertiliser after, which my Mam duly did!

Voya Lazy Days
Seaweed in the bath... 
Expanded seaweed!

In order for the seaweed to work, you drop it into a hot bath along with the bath salts, and allow it to soak and expand for a couple of minutes. This turned the water a pale green colour, which, again, wasn't hugely appealing to me personally, but I gave it a go!

I found the bath itself lovely and relaxing, and the seaweed definitely did good things for my skin. However, I simply couldn't get past the smell. Weirdly enough, the smell of seaweed reminds me of secondary school, as mine was right beside the sea. Funny how a smell takes you back!
So overall, I enjoyed the somewhat unusual experience and it was good for my skin, but I doubt I'd repeat it to be honest. I still had a shower after the bath as I was terrified of smelling of seaweed!

My mam's verdict of the product was slightly different. She's quite the fan of seaweed, having grown up in the west, and even makes a dessert out of it the odd time (I know, I know...). Like me, she found the bath super relaxing and, seeing as she doesn't mind the smell, probably enjoyed it more than I did. However, being the clean freak that she is, she wasn't a fan of the mess that the seaweed left behind.

I think that this is a good concept, but the smell can be off-putting to many, and maybe a lavender infused version would be more popular. Having said that, some people would absolutely love this, especially those that are into natural beauty. It's definitely worth a shot in any case, and would make a really unusual present!

Sinéad: I tried out Voya's Cleanse & Mend Anti-Aging Cleanser (€25) and also the brand's Balmelicious Lemon & Lime Organic Lip Balm (€12). Voya promises that Cleanse & Mend will remove surface dirt and impurities, including make-up, and will leave your skin feeling soft, calm and moisturised.

The consistency of this cleanser is quite watery and weak. It reminds me of an even thinner Cetaphil which, isn't necessarily a bad thing as it is easily rubbed into the skin with no need for scrubbing or excessive tugging and pulling. I also love the bottle. The body is a cream-coloured plastic while the cap is clear. It also comes with a great pump-action dispenser which, as you all know, I love as it limits germ entry and contamination of the cleanser. The instructions recommend that this cleanser is used with a muslin cloth yet, none are provided in the box. I didn't have any to hand and so, I can't comment on whether the cleanser is better or worse used in this way but, it may be worth investing in a few if you want to use this as directed.

There is nothing much I can fault with this cleanser. It cleaned my skin and didn't result in any tightness or dryness. I'm only 21 so, the anti-aging aspect isn't really applicable to me yet and, I would imagine it would take consistent and prolonged use before being able to see if it does slow the signs of aging. The one problem I did find was one of personal preference. The scent was quite off-putting to me. Voya is a seaweed-based line and, while I've used seaweed products before with no complaints, the cleanser does smell quite strong it has to be said (I think this is down to the mix of the chamomile and lavender along with the seaweed). However, this may not bother you at all and, if not, then this is a great daily cleanser. I will continue to use this cleanser (once I have tried and tested the others I have lined up!) but, I will probably go and buy some muslin cloths and try it that way.

Voya Cleanse & Mend Anti-Aging Cleanser

I was quite excited when I received Voya's Balmelicious lip balm. I love lip products and, being a lipstick junkie, I always want my lips to be in tiptop shape- I even can't sleep without having some kind of  balm on my lips!

The packaging of this is gorgeous, a lipstick-esque tube with a hard stick balm inside. The promised lemon and lime scent/flavour isn't too overpowering which is ideal for those of you who hate scented products on your lips (It doesn't bother me either way!). Unfortunately, however, that's where my commendations must end. I just couldn't get this product to work for me at all. I even brought it with me on our recent trip to London and Dee too had a hard time getting any satisfaction out of using this. I think the main issue is that the balm itself is too hard. One swipe barely leave any product on your lips and you really need to push it down hard onto your lips to try and melt the balm enough that you feel like you're getting some moisturisation.

It is possible that this overlying issue is not the formula itself but, the shape of the balm. The stick has a very odd shape. It comes to a sharp point/peak with no flat surface to rub on your lips (á la a lipstick) and, thus, this limits the amount of product which can be transferred. You would probably get a more satisfying result by cutting the tip off the balm or by shaving it up the side at an angle to replicate a lipstick.  I wanted to love this product, I really did but, unfortunately, it just wasn't for me. 

Voya Balmelicious Lemon & Lime

We love that Voya is an Irish brand, that it is organic and super gentle due to the use of seaweed and, while certain products didn't blow us away, that doesn't mean they won't become part of your Holy Grail collections. It is a brand that is well-worth checking out in our books.




  1. Great Review girls! my mam loves seaweed and organic products so thats crimbo sorted for me! lol

  2. I these Viva Irish posts so keep them coming girls.

    Great review, I really want to try the Lazy Days set now. I've been using one of my Mam's VOYA muslin cloths recently (I'm staying at her's at the mo and forgot to bring more than one of my own with me, D'oh) and I really like it.

  3. No 1 Pery Sq in Limerick have an amazing spa. That's where I ha dmy first seaweed bath. I banged on abotu how wonderful it was for long afterward that my friend bought me a DIY Voya Seaweed Bath kit. It was fab!


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