July 15, 2011

Viva Irish: Rockstar Tan

*This is a scheduled post as we are currently in London for the weekend. We'll try to keep up with comments etc. or get to them when we return!*

We're always on the lookout for the next Irish brand to feature as part of our Viva Irish series which, gratefully, has been really well-received by you lovely readers.

A Twitter conversation brought Irish tan company, Rockstar Tan, onto our radar and, we soon learnt that it would be a perfect feature for Viva Irish. While neither of us are fake tan junkies, often finding it more hassle than its worth, we're always on the lookout for the next best thing and, ideally, the next easy-to-apply-wear-and-remove fake tan. We were sent a number of products from the range to trial and, if they were worthy, report back to you on. Over the last few weeks, we've been bronzing ourselves with, the very cutely named, Groupie (Instant Bronze Self Tan Mousse), Fame (Instant Mineral Self Tan) and Access All Areas (Instant Bronze Self Tan Spray)

Sinéad: I'm definitely one to embrace the pale. I am NC15 in MAC foundations, the lightest of the light, and have never found a fake tan that I am truely happy enough with to apply on a regular basis. However, in the name of this website and out of idle curiosity, I donned a mitt and smeared myself in Fame (€19.99), Rockstar Tan's newest addition.

Fame is an instant mineral tan that washes off completely with one shower so, pretty ideal for people like me who don't want, or need, to be bronzed on a daily basis. The first day I applied this was on a whim and just slapped it on my stomach to see what kind of colour payoff it had. One blob, about the size of a €2 coin, was enough to give my stomach and lower back (couldn't reach the top!!) a believably golden glow. Using a mitt, Fame blended like a dream leaving no streaks and, thankfully, no orange or yellow hue. I just looked healthy and, the slight shimmer in this tan really complimented the subtlety of the shade and added a bit of fun and, dare I say, sexiness, to my usually pale exterior. 

Having had such a positive experience using it on my perma-hidden and blindingly white belly, I decided to be brave and venture out wearing it visibly on my arms and chest- to Oxegen, no less! I wanted to look naturally glowing in case the weather came up trumps and I had to shed my coat! The result was really impressive, mainly because I didn't need another shade of foundation or a truck load of bronzer which, ultimately, goes to show how natural the glow this tan gives is. I presume you could build it in layers to achieve a deeper tan but, I have no desire to try this out myself! 

Scent-wise, Rockstar are on the money with a sweet, curry-slash-digestive-biscuit-less, smell. If I was to find fault with Fame, and it would only be a minor one, I would have to point out that it is, very much, an instant, wash-off tan. We're talking bright white channels appearing from any rivulets of water that may travel up your arms when washing your hands/face. These can be covered and concealed tout de suite with a little pea-sized amount of tan and a cotton pad but, I would not like to be caught in the rain/wearing white when this happens!! 

Due to being Paley McPalerson and not having a dark enough foundation on hand (applying fake tan for your body to your face can result in badly blocked pores that take ages to clear.) I asked my naturally sallow (Mayjah Jealz!) mother to try the darker, more permanent of the tans, Groupie (€29.99), the range's mousse tan. My lovely mammy, Catherine, wears fake tan regularly and her current preferred tan choice and the one she's been happiest with is the Fake Bake mousse so, I thought she was an ideal candidate to roadtest Rockstar's mousse as she is familiar with how to apply tan in this form and how to adequately maintain it afterwards as well as not requiring a darker foundation to match her face to her neck. Here are some of her main thoughts on Groupie;

  • Initially, she found the scent quite unusual for a fake tan as it is very sweet (due to the raspberry and almond in it) but, it was preferable to the curry/digestive biscuit smell associated with most other tans, including Fake Bake. She also found that the scent didn't linger so, by the next morning, there was no indication, smell-wise at least, that she had tanned.
  • Consistency-wise, it didn't leave a sticky residue on the skin, even in usually problem areas like elbow and knee creases.
  • A little bit of the mousse went a long way. One squish of the pump was enough for an entire arm and shoulder area as she found that the mousse almost liquified on contact with her skin and, thus, was very spreadable and provided ample coverage.
  • The tan developed as promised on the bottle, in 4-6 hours, into a natural golden colour. 
  • The more tan you apply, the deeper it becomes but, one pump per body "area", if you will, gave a gorgeous, suntanned glow.
  • A very small amount of residue washed off the next morning in the shower (particularly in comparison to the Fake Bake mousse-most of this goes down the drain) so, there was no issue with stained clothes or sheets and, you're getting value for money as the majority stays on the skin. 
  • It faded very naturally and evenly and there was no issue with patchiness or a "scaly" appearance.
Overall, my mam loved this tan and will repurchase it again (over the Fake Bake mousse) and has already recommended it to a number of people since she tried it! Thanks mammy!

Dee: I am quite a bit more open to tanning than Sinéad is, especially in the summer months. At this time of year when short sleeves are de rigeur I need to maintain some kind of healthy glow because I do not tan naturally at all, and have also had my fair share of sunburn on holidays which I would rather not repeat!

I used to rely heavily on gradual tanners such as Dove Summer Glow (which I do still really like and recommend), but these days I usually use a 'grown-up' false tan about 1-2 times a week. I try to make it last as long as possible by moisturising loads - this also ensures that the tan won't wear off unevenly. If I need a quick pick-me-up during the week, especially if I'm going out last minute, I'll slap on an instant wash-off tanner, which is where Fame came in for me. I won't over-elaborate on this product as Sinéad has already mentioned it in detail, but suffice to say I love the stuff. I've used plenty of instant tanners in my time, (Rimmel, Xen-Tan and Sally Hansen to name three) and this knock the socks off all of them.

It applies incredibly smoothly - like butter -  and smells really pretty without being overpowering. As this is an instant product there is no DHA, and therefore no need to worry about that rotten biscuity smell that we all fear. It's a really simple way to look, well, healthier. I am also a firm believer in the 'slimming' - and I use this word loosely - properties of false tan. So effectively, if you're having a crappy 'fat' day, slap a bit of this on and you'll feel a bit better. Everyone looks better with a tan, right?!

The final product that we were sent to review is Access All Areas spray-on tan. This is your typical tan that develops over a few hours. It does give an instant glow and tint, but for best results I always apply it at night and allow it to develop while I sleep. 

I cannot say enough good things about this tan. It is, hands-down, the very best false tan that I have ever used. It smells delicious and looks good as soon as it is applied. The spray is easy to work with and the formula is easily blended. As the product does contain DHA, it will inevitably smell a little the next day. However, if you only use a small amount the smell is honestly just not there. I only noticed a smell when I applied two generous layers and allowed them to develop overnight.

As for longevity, this tan wears off very evenly and naturally, especially if you moisturise regularly. It clings to the skin and doesn't end up down the drain when you shower. I've used this a good six times since I received it and there is still a ton left in the bottle, so I think it's great value for money in that sense. Overall this is simply excellent, and I recommend it to you all!

Have you tried Rockstar Tan? Let us know your thoughts!



  1. i really want to try the access all areas or fame :) i've seen them around and my friend has one but i'm sooo pale as well i'm always to afraid haha but i think i might go for it after reading this review :D x

  2. Fame sounds like my kinda product as I react v badly to DHA.

    Great reviews ladies.

  3. Woah perfect timing on the review girls 'cause will be stocking the Rockstar Tan range from next week all things going to plan - we put in our opening order today :) Keep your eyes peeled there will be an introductory offer on the range when we launch it on the site :)

    Hope your enjoying London !

  4. P.S Meant to say great post as always!!
    - NC15 Sinead wow!

    Stephanie :)


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