July 22, 2011

VA Investigates:'s Christine Mielke

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you this next installment of VA Investigates, featuring Christine Mielke of the biggest beauty blog in the whole wide world!

Temptalia was founded in 2006 and has since grown to become the world's favourite one-stop-shop for beauty information and knowledge as well as up and coming trends and collections. Christine posts multiple times daily and her content varies from swatches and reviews to features and beauty tips. She has been one of our personal inspirations and aspirations and we were thrilled to get this opportunity to ask her some questions about her blogging life and her make-up loves, hates and Holy Grail products.

Blogging has grown from strength to strength since you founded it in 2006. Did you ever imagine that it would become one of the biggest beauty websites in the world?

Definitely not! When I started, it was just a hobby - there was never a single thought that it could ever be as big as it is today, let alone that I could find success with it.

You update multiple times throughout the day. Are there ever time you find yourself lacking in motivation? How do you combat this?

Nope - I just remember why I blog and who I blog- for the readers, and that I never want to let them down!  Everything I do on the blog is for readers. I try to write about products readers want to see and provide features that they want to use.

When you have some spare time, do you read beauty blogs yourself/watch beauty gurus on YouTube? If so, who do you recommend?

I keep up with a few, typically people I'm friends with already - like Musings of a Muse, Pursebuzz, xSparkage, Petrilude, EnKoreMakeup,, Lipglossiping, Dustin Hunter. 

Negativity seems to be par for the course with beauty blogging these days. How do you deal with those who give you a hard time?

After five years, you're just over it, because your hide is thick enough by that point that all you do is waste time by dealing with it. Honestly, I have too many things to do and not enough time to do them, so I don't let myself get wrapped up in negativity. I avoid reading it, and I don't allow it on my blog.

What has been the best opportunity has given you since it began?

It has given me the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world who share my passion and love for beauty-there is no greater gift than that!

What do you envisage for the future of the website?

Hopefully to continue to put out content that readers enjoy and to continue to develop new features that help make purchasing decisions easier to make!

Is there any one piece of advice you would offer to those who are new to blogging?

It all depends on where you want to go with it.  If it's a hobby or an escape from work, let it be that-don't stress about readership, samples, etc. Enjoy writing, write when you want to. If you want it to be something more, be prepared to put in hard work and listen to your readers-find out what they want to see, what they see in your blog, and find a way to differentiate your blog from the hundreds of other beauty blogs out there.

Make-Up and Beauty

Do you have a favourite make-up trend e.g. winged liner, bold lipstick?

Metallics/golds during the holidays-always have loved gold!

What do you consider to be the biggest make-up crime? 

Mismatched foundation!  It's so hard to find a match sometimes, but it's so frustrating to the individual and so obvious to anyone nearby that something has gone awry.

Do you have a top beauty tip/rule?
Beauty has no rules. Have fun with it!

Holy Grail Products

Foundation:  Guerlain Parure Gold
Powder:  Guerlain Les Violettes Mineral Powder
Eyeshadow (brand or shade): Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duos
Lipstick (brand or shade):  Chanel Dragon
Lipgloss (brand or shade):  Cle de Peau #2
Mascara:  Hourglass Film Noir
Eyeliner (liquid/gel/pencil):  MUFE Aqua Liners (Liquid), MAC Fluidlines (Gel), Urban Decay 24/7 (Pencils)
Blush:  Rock & Republic
Bronzer:  Guerlain Terracotta
Tools:  MAC (Brushes), Tweezerman (Tweezers), Shu Uemura (Eyelash Curler)

Thanks Christine!




  1. Wow, for me an interview with Christine Mielke would be the equlvilant of an interview with Oprah! Great interview, thanks Dee and Sinead!

  2. I love temptalia. Her lip swatches are the best. Her swatch of Chanel Dragon made me gasp...and say 'I have to have it!'

    Great interview girls!

  3. Well done ladies, fab interview with great questions! Xxx

  4. Gosh that's absolutely brilliant well done gals!! xox

  5. Thanks so much Simone and Andrea!! Glad you enjoyed x

  6. Hmmm...haven't tried alot of those holy grail products...right it is shopping time!

  7. How did I miss this when you first posted it? Brilliant interview.

    Well done girls, I'm loving this series of interviews.


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