July 13, 2011

VA Investigates:'s Kirstie and Aisling McDermott

We know you know who these two gorgeous (or should that be beaut.iful?!) ladies are! But, for those of you who are bad with names and faces, allow us to introduce you to Kirstie and Aisling McDermott, the sisters behind Irish beauty website,

Kirstie and Aisling started in 2006 and, since then, it has grown to become Ireland's most successful and influential beauty mecca, grossing over 20,000 visitors per day! 

The girls were one of our main inspirations for starting this website and, we willingly attribute most of our success to Kirstie Tweeting our URL one November night!  We've gotten to know them both over the last few months and they've given us some invaluable support and advice for which we are really grateful! We're really excited that they agreed to be a feature of one of these posts and we know you're all probably dying to know their blogging tips and tricks, their make-up loves and hates and personal beauty advice!


What do you make of the recent explosion of Irish beauty blogs?

We think it's fantastic!  When we started off we were one of very few female voices in the Irish blogosphere, especially blogging about 'fluffy' stuff, and it was a little cold and lonely  - although we were made very, very welcome. In the past year or so the swell of new bloggers has really added a new element to the Irish blog scene and it's great – it can only get better and better.
You ladies have been blogging since 2006 - how do you manage to keep it fresh? 
We're always looking to do new things and we keep a close eye on trends and what's happening beauty-wise. Because the beauty industry is ever-changing, that's a constant source of ideas in itself but we think our biggest source of inspiration is our readers. They're the ones that get us going us the most – it's their comments that we love to read, that inspire new posts and ideas and rev us up when perhaps we're not feeling 100% inspired.  
If you blog yourself you know sometimes it's hard – you're stressed, work gets in the way or you're just not madly ideas-filled. So on those kinds of days; we love our readers more than ever, because they always give us a dig-out.

You post three times or more per day, how do you structure your standard day to include blogging, work etc?

It can be a tough call sometimes – some weeks we wonder how we'll get it all in - and there's a lot of late nights and weekends and legging it to meetings at lunchtimes. We both work three days a week at other jobs and take on other freelance beauty writing as well, but we have a schedule in place to blog five days a week, and we stick to it so that the content goes out every day on time, because that's what we decided to do and we stick to it. As a result, planning is important – we then know what we have to do each week and it all gets filed on time and scheduled. We also have two great contributors in Lynnie and Niamh, and they're absolutely fantastic and so reliable, so they help out hugely. We wouldn't be able to do it all without them. We meet up weekly and plan and discuss what we're going to do and that helps us structure things too.

What has been the most exciting opportunity you've had as a result of

We have actually been so lucky and so many fab opportunities have come our way over the past few years. We've been on TV, radio, across the Irish media, we've both held down gigs as beauty columnists but the single biggest thing is Aisling's book, the Guide to Gorgeous. And, there's a second book out this October too – so keep an eye out for that!

Is there any one piece of advice you'd give to new or aspiring bloggers?

Do it because you love beauty and blogging, because it's fun and because you'd like to make new friends. We've found all those things have been true of it! Don't necessarily start a blog as a means to an end to get freebies or to get rich quick – you might be disappointed!
Managing your expectations for your blog is really the most important thing to keep a hold of, and then just set yourself a plan to post to some sort of schedule – once, twice a week or more, join Twitter, interact with other bloggers on Twitter and their blogs (but, don't spam them with links!) and make pals – and watch it all grow. Blogging is like life – it's all about how you communicate. If you're friendly and open you'll get a lot back. It's great fun!
Make-up and Beauty

Is there a product that sticks out in your mind as something you always come back to?

K: Eve Lom Cleansing Balm and Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser are two I return to all the time. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner is a firm fave as well, and each winter I resurrect my love for Liz Earle's Superskin Concentrate, it's excellent. 
A: Lancome Art Liner is my absolute favourite liner ever. I just continually buy it. I adore it. MAC Studio Fix Fluid is another foundation I always go back to no matter how many others I try.

What is the biggest faux pas that one can commit in terms of make-up and beauty?

In Ireland, it's definitely not getting your foundation shade right, but in our defence we're a largely pale population and it's not always our fault as brands don't always cater to our milk bottle-ness.  Otherwise, we're not into 'rules'. They're exhausting! What we love about makeup is how fun and transformative it can be. So, if you want to wear Mrs Doyle-style blue eyeshadow and red lipstick and you think you look fab - then more power to you!
What's in your make-up bag right now?

We are very very lucky to be sent nice things by brands to test so we swap things in and out a lot. We're both absolutely adoring the Golden Gaze Mineralize eyeshadow from MAC's Semi Precious collection at the moment, which is a bit of a rarity for us as neither of us is a major MAC Junkie.
YSL Perfect Touch foundation is Kirstie's current foundation crush, we both indulged in a little Stila in Liffey Valley recently, buying Lillium Convertible Colour, Kitten Eyeshadow and a teal eyeliner that's fab.

Gloss-wise, Aisling loves L'Oréal Paris' Glamshines and is never without at least three about her person and Kirstie will always have about 19 lipsticks squirreled away. Current bag companions include Tom Ford Cherry Lush and NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage.

Most disappointing product you've ever tried?

God, there have been so many. We both loathe Veet with a (literally!) burning loathing. Max Factor Smokey Eye Effect shadows were gut-wrenchingly disappointingly bad considering how very pretty they look and detox patches for feet are a load of snakeoil!

Do you have a top beauty tip?

Yes! Your skin is better than you think it is. Honestly- it really is and you need way less foundation than you reckon you do too. Also, learn to love blusher- it is a proper top transformative beauty product that makes you look alive and non-Zombie-like!

Thanks again to Kirstie and Aisling for chatting to us!

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. Thanks so much girls - we love you too!

  2. Brilliant interview, really loving this series!

  3. I loved this! It's been my absolute favourite one in the series so far for sure!


  4. @Aisling and Kirstie: Thanks for agreeing to do it!

    @Paula: Thanks a million! Good answers eh?!

    @Emma and Sarah: Really glad you're enjoying it! We love doing them too! x

  5. Great to see one of my favourite bloggers interviewing the others! Completely agree about the foundation, so many pretty girls ruin their looks with caked on orange.


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