July 17, 2011

Review: Whizzer Whitening Strips

*This is a scheduled post as we are currently in London for the weekend. We'll try to keep up with comments etc. or get to them when we return!*

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by Whizzer Whitening Strips asking if we would like to try their product. We jumped at the chance as whitening strips are not very common in Ireland (They are quite popular in the US and UK, especially the Crest range) and we wanted to see if these ones did what they promised. 

A box contains 56 strips and can be used in a couple of ways;
  • Once a day for 28 days (top and bottom teeth equals 56 strips)
  • Twice a day for 14 days 
However, because there are two of us, we decided to split the box and just do our top teeth twice a day for 14 days. Neither of our bottom teeth (teeths? toofs?!) are particularly discoloured and, we figured, it's only really your top teeth that are seen!

Sinéad: I have tried whitening strips before, namely the Crest WhiteStrips and, I wasn't overly impressed. However, everything that I found wrong or annoying with the Crest ones was not an issue with the Whizzer Whitening Strips. 

Firstly, these dissolve so you can wear them whilst walking to the bus, talking or getting ready and not have a slippery, spit-riddled plastic strip to try and stop sliding off your teeth. While the dissolving-ness does make a bit of a goopy mess, it's preferable to the latter outlined and the gel the strip dissolves to is perfectly safe to ingest. 

Secondly, there is a lovely minty fresh taste off the strips so, the gel isn't foul in the slightest. I would probably prefer if the mint was a bit stronger as it is only a hint but, that's just me. I'm a mint-obsessed freak!

Gladly, there is no sensitivity associated with these babies. Crest's ones had me wincing every time a gust of cold air blew but, I have experienced no side-effects with Whizzer's offering.

So, do they whiten your teeth? Well, looking at these pictures (taken in natural daylight with no flash) it doesn't seem that me teeth needed much whitening but, I assure you, there was some discoloration despite the fact that I don't smoke or drink red wine or coffee. Both Dee and our friend Jenny have commented however, that my teeth are looking super white so, I think it's fair to say that they achieve their aim to whiten!

Cue nasty teeth shot...

Before (L) and After (R)

Dee: As a self-confessed smoker and drinker of tea, coffee, and buckets of Diet Coke, it's actually strange that I had never tried whitening strips in the past. I had lusted after Crest White strips alright, but they can only be got online and my bank balance is usually way too close to zero to facilitate that! I had tried Pearl Drops toothpaste, which does make a difference, but nothing significant. 

I would regard myself as someone who is quite good at looking after their teeth. Having been to hell and back with braces during my teens (S & I actually went to the same orthodontist and HATED him!) I want them to stay good for as long as possible. Therefore I was quite concerned that these strips would cause sensitivity but that certainly wasn't the case - apart from their shade, my teeth haven't changed at all. They're white without being OTT (who remembers that episode of Friends?!) - I'm really, really happy with the results and will be repurchasing!

Whizzer Strips are available in all good pharmacies nationwide at a RRP of €29.99




  1. I totally have the same problem! I find stripes hard to find here (I'm also Irish =) ) and have been using pearl drops for a while but feel it's not hugely effective. My teeth aren't very discoloured but I'd never say no to a brighter smile! Thanks for sharing the review!

  2. I am obsessed with white teeth and have yet to try anything, But if you girls say they are worth the money and that they work, I am going to take your advice!

  3. Thanks for the comments girls! We didn't experience any problems with these and will be starting a second course of them soon so we'll report back on that! x

  4. Got these at Xmas and am obsessed....Love having control over how white I want my gnashers. I got 1 box and used it all and then got a second pack just to top up when I feel like it's needed.

  5. Just bought a packet today , cant wait to get sparkling white teeth now, thanks for the review girls!

  6. I use these every month, they're brilliant....with the help of google I found them cheaper - 24.99 on and have been buying them there for the last few months. First came across them in the RDS, they were doing demonstrations, so got to try before buy.

  7. I wonder how they compare to Crest strips? They're a lot cheaper. And Crest are a nightmare to get hold of!


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