July 12, 2011

Review: Trilogy

While make-up is our first love, we always get a certain thrill  when we get to try new skincare products. For both of us, our skin is the canvas on which we apply our beloved slap so, we want it as smooth and as unblemished as is humanly possible.

Enter Trilogy, the skincare brand from New Zealand. We recently got sent a bundle of these products and have been putting them through rigorous testing (by rigorous we really mean using them for the last three weeks or so!) and are back to let you know what we think.

Sinéad:  I was aware of the Trilogy range to the extent of having picked up a bottle of their Rosehip Oil to treat eczema scarring. I didn't pay much attention to what else from the range my local chemist offered, mainly because I wasn't in the market for any new skin or body care at the time.

Having experienced impressive results with the Rosehip Oil, I was excited to receive an unexpected package of Trilogy skincare in the post and, quite honestly, it couldn't have come at a better time.  My skin was, to put it bluntly, in an absolute state. My daily routine had been shaken up as I has recently begun my work placement which, in turn, resulted in my eating habits being off and my exercise schedule being significantly reduced.

The products that I chose to trial were from the brand's Face Care line and included the Cream Cleanser (€26.95) and the Vital Moisturising Cream (€29.95). I began using them diligently morning and night and, within a week, I started to notice how much clearer and more even my skin had become. A lot of the blemishes that had been tormenting me, including those that were hiding under the surface, had been eradicated and, thanks to the moisturiser, my skin was extremely smooth.

I have continued to use both of these products diligently for the last four or so weeks and my skin has come on in leaps and bounds. I love the pump-action of both the cleanser and the moisturiser as it's more hygienic and seems to dispense just the right amount of product to cleanse/moisturise your visage. I also love how the cleanser can be used to remove all make-up, including eye make-up, leaving no residual gunk stubbornly clinging to the hairline or no stingy eyes afterwards. Both products smell gorgeous and fresh with a slight citrus tang and are each luxuriously thick yet sink rapidly into the skin.

With our impending trip to London, I was looking to pick up the Trilogy travel set so that I wouldn't have to interrupt this routing while it was going so well for me (these glass bottles would take up valuable shopping space in my luggage!) and, also, so I could try a few other Trilogy products like their eye cream and their exfoliator but, I haven't yet been able to get my hands on it. I imagine that I will continue to use this line for the foreseeable future as it works so well for my skin. I'm very impressed with how gentle yet effective the Face Care line has proven and would be interested, as I said, in exploring the line further. My one and only qualm would be the moderately high price-points with most products coming in over €20. While I wouldn't mind purchasing these two products at their respective prices since they are so good for my skin, it's not possible for me to do so being currently unemployed which is a shame.

Dee: The first product I trialled was the Very Gentle Cleansing Cream (€26.95) for sensitive skin. My skin isn't incredible but I still wouldn't class it as particularly sensitive. Nevertheless, I didn't think much could go wrong for me with this cleanser. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't hate this, but it just didn't particularly rock my world. It is a completely scentless cream cleanser that I tried using in several ways; with a cotton pad, with water, and also with hot water and a muslin cloth. It was nice and creamy and my skin didn't dislike it particularly, but I do feel that this would be more suited to a dry/sensitive skin. 
My main gripe with this cleanser was that it wasn't hugely effective in removing my makeup, resulting in me having to double cleanse as well as using an eye-makeup remover. This wouldn't normally bother me, but the product does specifically claim to remove eye-makeup and in my experience it did not at all. It simply didn't measure up to a lot of my other favourite cleansers such as Vichy Purete Thermale and Cetaphil, and for that reason I wouldn't repurchase it.

Next up is the Ultra Hydrating Body Cream (€19.95). I won't waste your time here - this stuff is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it.

It does exactly what it says on the tube, I don't think I've ever used a body cream or butter that was this hydrating. It has a lovely natural herbal, rosy scent that isn't too overpowering and the cream itself is thick and non-greasy. It sinks well into the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and radiant. 

Consistent use has resulted in a marked improvement in the texture and softness of my skin. Another added bonus has been that my false tan has been going on even better due to this cream. I adore it and will definitely buy it again!

I'm still a little bit on the fence on the subject of Trilogy's most famous product, the Rosehip Oil (€19.95). It smells lovely and is a nice product to use. As a facial moisturiser this simply isn't suited to my oily skin, so I've been using it nightly on my stretch marks. I think it is effective but it would probably take extensive use, i.e another two bottles, to see proper results. I'll definitely keep using it in any case! 
Hopefully this review was helpful and informative to any of you that are interested in Trilogy, let us know what you think! Have you used any of these products?


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