July 24, 2011

My New BFF: Dior Amber Diamond

Hello friend... 

How delicious is this baby? 
I'd been after a nice powder highlighter for ages, and after reading on Temptalia that Christine rates Dior Amber Diamond above all others, I am sold. In fact, I am starting to build up a fairly creepy collection of some of her favourite products, and not one of them has let me down.  

As you can see from the above obligatory swatch, Amber Diamond is a light golden powder that isn't too glittery or shiny - it simply adds a gorgeous glow to the skin. It would suit almost any skintone, which is probably what makes it so popular. The powder itself is of fantastic quality, very smooth and almost buttery to the touch (have I used enough cliché phrases yet?

It retails at (sharp intake of breath) €44, which is, quite frankly, a price that I would never pay. My Dad kindly gave me an Arnotts voucher for €30 that had been knocking around his wallet for ages, so I ended up paying €14 for this - yay! 

I've never been hugely into Dior - if I'm going to buy a super-high-end brand, it's usually Chanel. However, the fantastic quality of this has me curious to try more products the next time I can afford to! The eyeshadows in particular look gorgeous, and I know Lisa Eldridge is a fan, so they're hardly crap in that case. 

Is there anything else from Dior that I should look out for?

D x


  1. Dior(skin) Nude foundation is my HG xxx

  2. wow this looks GORGEOUS! Jealous! :)

  3. I had all my Debs make up done in Dior - classy bird like. They do good lipsticks (colour lasts for ages and ages) and alright concealers.

  4. It looks beautiful. Definitely one for me to look into getting. Dior is one of my faves for foundation and lipstick x

  5. I've got Rose Diamond and love it. The packaging is gorgeous!x

  6. So pretty.

    You have to check out the Dior Addict lippies.

  7. I love amber diamond, works great as an eyeshadow aswell.


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