July 19, 2011

London 2011: What We Ate

We know we aren't the first people to travel to London and we know most of you have already been but, we're going to do a post on the food we ate in London because we had some amazing meals! We felt we ought to document them for you as a way of giving you a bit of a restaurant guide to the city and, well, pretty much everyone likes pictures of food!


For Friday's lunch we went to Nandos in Elephant and Castle but, we didn't take pictures of that food. Honestly we were totally underwhelmed by Nandos having heard so much obsessive stuff about it. The chicken was fine but, not at all mind-blowing and we wouldn't necessarily be bothered about going back again! If anyone could explain the whole Nandos craze to us we'd appreciate it as we feel like we've missed something!

This was honestly one of the highlights of our weekend! We are both a bit obsessive about sparkling water and we love when it comes in a can-which you can't get here so, this was the perfect treat after hours spent trekking around the Imperial War Museum!
We had the most amazing meal in Jamie's Italian in Covent Garden. We started with a selection of Italian breads (left) and then Sinéad ordered the Italian Burger with Funky Chips and Dee had Prawn Linguine (the picture seems to have disappeared from the camera?!) The meal was really reasonably priced at about £30 for the two of us!


Lunch came from Bella Italia just off Oxford Street. This is a chain restaurant but, it's really authentic and all the pizzas are freshly made. Sinéad got a spinach, parma ham and mozzerella pizza and Dee got a vegetarian calzonne!

We took a pretzel break after a lot of shopping at Pret A Manger in the Bond St Tube Station. It was much needed and quite tasty!!

Another shopping break was a sundae in Harrods' Morelli's Gelato Ice Cream Parlour. These ice-creams are outrageously priced but, so worth it!  This is the Nocciolini which has vanilla and Nutella ice cream with Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, Cadbury's Flake, hot chocolate sauce, hazelnuts and a chocolate straw! Nom.

Morelli's Gelato- Harrods

We went to Pasta Brown in Covent Garden for dinner. We just were starving this entire day and didn't sit down to dinner till about 10.30 pm. Sinéad had garlic Bruschetta with grilled vegetables and goats cheese (left) while Dee had smoked salmon linguine!

Our last meal in London was a very traditional English fish and chips! We went to Pier 1 in Camden Town and they were some of the best chips we've ever had! Sinéad had the chicken goujons as she doesn't like fish and Dee had sweet chilli squid rings.
So, that's pretty much everything we ate this weekend! Getting hungry looking at it all now!




  1. Great idea girls.
    I had a mushroom burger in Nandos.
    It was just okay! I’ve heard a few people say they weren’t as impressed.
    It’s nice enough just very over rated!
    I’m currently on a strict diet, looking at all your yum food... torture!
    Glad you had fun!

  2. Brilliant post...bring on the midnight munchies now!!

  3. @Katie I agree, it probably is just highly overrated. It was fine but, nothing amazing! Oh I'm on a strict diet/training too but, you wouldn't know it looking at these pictures!!

    @Soooali Heehee I know...everytime I look at the pic of the ice cream my mouth waters!!

    S x

  4. WIth you on Nando's - finally went to the one in Dundrum a few weeks ago and was like 'is this it?!'...

  5. Yep we were just staring at each other like "hmmm have we done it wrong?!!" S x


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