June 20, 2011

VA Investigates: YouTuber/Blogger Leanne Woodfull

I'm pretty sure that a lot of our readers will be familiar with the lovely Leanne Woodfull. She's quite a well-known blogger and YouTuber with a fantastic sense of style. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that she is totally down to earth, mature beyond her years and generally just a nice girl to chat to. So we decided to ask her a few on if you're interested!

1. How did you start blogging and YouTube?

I started blogging in late 2009, I've always wanted to start a blog since I started reading fashion blogs a few years ago. I started my Youtube Channel in Summer 2010, it was so tough at first, as you're really putting yourself out there for people. Both my blog and my youtube work together, and both have added traffic to the other!

2. What has been the best thing for you personally about getting involved in the online fashion and beauty community?

By far, the people I've got to know (like you gals!) and my lovely readers and subscribers. It's great to see such a vast group of us fashion and beauty bloggers in Ireland nowadays. I love talking to people with the same interests, and swapping tips etc. Also reading lovely comments and getting sent messages from my subscribers and readers, makes my day!

3. In terms of your personal style, what are your top three inspirations?

Classic Hollywood would by ultimate inspiration, I always look to the 30s-50s for style inspiration. I also find inspiration from street style, I always discover new ways of wearing certain items, by seeing people wear them on the street. My other inspiration would definitely be the punk, in the 1970s. I love raw edge of the punk culture, and the style brought into the scene was incredible and so unique. I like to think of myself as 'Joe Strummer and Coco Chanel's lovechild'. I love the chic glamour of the Golden Age, but I also adore the bravery of the punk style.


4. What are your favourite trends for Summer 2011?

Colour blocking, by far. I used to wear every colour under the sun all at once, when I was younger. Over the last few years however, I've been quite minimal with wearing colours together. The colour blocking trend has me back wearing colours on colours however, and I'm loving it for clothes and beauty. I also love the 80s Madonna vibes going around - the crucifix jewellery and battered leather is so fun!

5. In spite of your popularity, you've also had to face some horrible negativity, ie 'haters' on YouTube. How have you dealt with this? 

Well to be honest, I haven't really dealt with it as such, until recently. People forget I've only just turned 18, so I'm really young and only still learning. Hate channels, groups, you name it have been made about me. I've had stalking incidents, the lot! It's taken me a good few years to develop the thick skin I have now. I always feel sorry for the 'haters' however, they obviously have some inner insecurity in themselves, if they feel the need to upset someone over the internet. The best way to deal with it, is to realise you have more people who like you and to be aware of the safety options on certain sites. Make sure to block/delete people, if they're sending you abuse!

6. What are your top three beauty products?

Most definitely my Essence liquid eyeliner in black, I've worn it daily for the last 3 years. I also love The Falsies mascara, by Maybelline. It's by far the best mascara out there at the moment. I also couldn't live without Seanik shampoo bar, from Lush. It's made my hair grow SO long, the one bar has lasted me since November and it's environmentally friendly!

7. What are your plans for the future?

I hope my blog and videos grow into something big and I want to expand the 'Thunder + Threads' empire haha. I'm going to be studying a Fashion Industry Practise college course for a year, and I hope to make the big move to London next Summer. I'll gather up all of the work experience I can, and hopefully I'll be working in a magazine in the near future!

Thanks so much Leanne!

D&S x


  1. Great post girls.

    I love those photos Leanne.

  2. Fab post :) I have a feeling Leanne will go far! x

  3. Very good!! Must def try out that Lush Shampoo bar!!

  4. Thanks girls, you're so sweet! xx

  5. i hope she grows big in the fashion industry.
    it would be lovely to see her grow after youtube and blogger to a magazine. i think she deserves it.

    great post


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