June 10, 2011

Tag: 8 Things

This tag has been going around loads lately....let me know what you think! 

8 TV Shows I Love

Gossip Girl
The O.C.
Coronation Street
Teen Mom
16 & Pregnant
 Anything with Louis Theroux
The Inbetweeners
Black Books

8 Favourite Places To Eat

Hin Keng (Chinese in Clontarf)
Eddie Rockets
The Counter
Chez Max
Elephant & Castle
Sand Bar
Anywhere in Paris especially on Rue Mouffetard
Aqua (seafood restaurant in Howth)

8 Things To Look Forward To

Seeing my lovely granny, auntie and cousin in Mayo
Getting a job                  
Meeting a half decent man 
Getting a pug
Finishing college and hopefully doing a Masters in History
When my brother and I both have kids and they are all best friends!
 Any blogging event
Going back to Paris, my favourite place in the world

 8 Things On My Wishlist

A Chanel 2.55
 Vivienne Westwood shoes
A chauffeur
A puppy
A rabbit
A cream Fiat 500
A mint green Vespa
Longer hair

8 Words/Phrases I Use A Lot

I curse a lot...
Cray cray
Dya know what I mean?
...and I'm not listing any more because these are making me look like a total eejit!

8 Things I Have Learnt From The Past

There’s no point in regrets

Men are idiots
Women are bitches
Depression is an illness
Don't waste time worrying about what others think
Very few people can be trusted (See #2&3)
Life is completely unpredictable
It's important to believe in yourself 

8 Places I Would Love To Visit

New York

8 Things I Love About Winter

Winter Coats
Hot drinks
Watching movies when it's freezing out
Winter boots
Being cosy when it’s cold
Winter clothes especially massive cardigans

8 Bloggers I Am Tagging

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular, if you like this tag then please do it and let me know! :)

D x


  1. Loving this tag at the moment.

    I'm a huge Black Books fan too.

    And you're right about Depression being an illness, if only everyone understood that.

  2. Haha I've been telling my Boyfriend I've been wanting a mint green vespa for the last year!


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