June 09, 2011

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8 TV Shows I Love

Greys Anatomy
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
The O.C.
7th Heaven
Sex and the City

8 Favourite Places To Eat

Hin Keng (Chinese in Clontarf)
Luigi Malones
The Counter
Thunder Road Cafe
Elephant & Castle
The Merrion Hotel (Downstairs restaurant)
The Shelbourne Hotel

8 Things To Look Forward To

A Holiday
Getting a job
Moving out              
Getting married
Getting a pug
Having a family
 A few really exciting events coming up over the next few weeks- all will be    revealed soon!

 8 Things On My Wishlist

1    A blogging office for D and I with glass desks, iMacs, loads of storage and make-up!
Laser Eye Surgery
Full Body Laser Hair Removal
A Chanel bag
 Louboutin Daffodils
A suite on The World cruise ship
A world trip including a cruise or six
A washboard stomach

8 Words/Phrases I Use A Lot

I can’t think of any other than “Bizarre” which I have been saying a lot lately for no apparent reason and have to try and stop!

8 Things I Have Learnt From The Past

There’s no point in regrets
People are idiots
Ask for help
Dealing with death isn’t as tough as I imagined it would be for me
Don’t try to be like anyone else
Don’t be surprised when someone lets you down/breaks your trust (See #2)
Just do whatever you want because everyone else will anyways
Don’t waste money on crap 

8 Places I Would Love To Visit

New York
New Zealand
South Africa
 Las Vegas

8 Things I Love About Winter

Christmas (I LOVE Christmas; I decorate the house every year on my sister’s birthday- 1st Decemeber!)
Winter Coats
Stew and Soup
Being cosy when it’s cold
Winter clothes
    Snuggling up with Kev under a blanket watching movies and eating our weight in sweets and Chinese takeaway
My Anniversary- 7 years this November

8 Bloggers I Am Tagging

I won’t be tagging anyone purely because I want to see everyone’s so, if you want to do it, please do and link your post in the comments!

S x


  1. Greys Anatomy is brill, i go through ever emotion during one episode!

  2. Oh fab tag, I'm going to do it now!

  3. 7th heaven i loved that show

  4. Really loving reading these posts.

    Don't waste your money on crap is a great one. Now why do I never remember it when in the process of buying crap?

  5. I really need to remember that too!

  6. I loved this, I did one a while back if you want to go and have a gander :) I reckon I'm allergic to money - the minute I have it, it's like "quick, get rid of it!" Disaster!!


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