June 01, 2011

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Review and Swatches

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish line due to hit shops here at the end of June (here and here). At the launch, Dana Caruso informed us of the countless “Best Cosmetic Product” awards this line had won from USA beauty powerhouses like Redbook and Marie Claire magazines.

While this was all very impressive on the surface, we took these accolades with a grain of salt, figuring that we would be the best judges with no overbearing editors, PR people or brand reps breathing down our necks, forcing a good review.

Now, having had a few weeks to get a feel for these polishes, both by using them on ourselves and providing countless “gratis” manicures to mammys, sisters and cousins, we are more than delighted to report that we are IN. LOVE. with this nail polish line. Let’s look at why in a little more detail.


The first thing you see of any product is its packaging and, the packaging on these little babies is gawjus! We love a good, solid, chunky glass bottle that feels heavy and expensive and satisfying and the Complete Salon Manicure bottles are just that. They are extremely aesthetically pleasing, all lined up together and, lead you to believe that they are far more pricey than their €8.95 price tag.


Just as we love a good bottle, we love a great brush. A well thought-out applicator takes half the hassle out of painting your nails and, as far as we can tell, the Complete Salon Manicure brush is pretty spectacular, if not revolutionary.

It’s quite dense but extremely flat with tapered corners. The result, when you press the brush at the base of your nail, is a splaying of the bristles that coats your entire nail with one fluid motion. We found that we had a lot of control with this brush in that, the harder you press, the more splayed it becomes meaning that small nails like ours can be coated with a lighter touch and larger nails can be taken care of with a heavier hand. There is very little mess with this style of brush so, unsightly polish-caked cuticles seem to be a thing of the


With finishes ranging from creams and metallics, to shimmers and sparkles, you might cynically expect a bad formula or three to emerge. Happily, this doesn’t seem to be the case. There is no discernable problem with streaking or with polish receding from the tip of the nail. For the most part, all formulas are highly pigmented though some cream shades, especially the lighter ones, are three-coaters as they are quite sheer. However, in all other cases, you would nearly survive with just the one coat. Similarly, in the textured polishes, there is no issue with grittiness. Everything is finely milled and super pigmented, leading to a clean and even application.


Complete Salon Manicure promises up to ten days wear and, while we never kept one on long enough to test out that claim (There was just too much choice!), Sinéad’s manicure from the launch lasted with just one chip for 6 days and remained as shiny as it had been the day it was applied. Chipping doesn’t seem to be an issue with these polishes and this “superpower” is further strengthened by the use of Sally Hansen Rapid Dry Topcoat. There will be a further review coming on this beaut of a product but, to say you all literally need this in your nail polish collection would not be an overstatement!

Oxide: Day 1 (L) and Day 6 (R)
Kook-A-Mango Day 4


Due to the huge amount of nail polish we got to try, we have not yet swatched and worn every single one. However, we are working through them so expect some further NOTDs on top of the ones included here. Some of these pictures are courtesy of “manicures” Sinéad gave her mam, sisters Aisling and Ciara and cousins Eimear and Niamh so, thanks guys for letting us use your fingys!

Pat on the Black
Mam: Gilty Pleasure
Eimear: Gray by Gray
Shrimply Divine
Niamh: Commander in Chic
Ciara: Cafe Au Lait
Dee: Frutti Petutie
Dee: Calypso Blue


The fact that we both want to collect the remainder of the 36 polishes in this collection should be testament enough that we absolutely love this new addition to the Irish beauty market. Nothing is disappointing, nothing is difficult. Everything is, pretty much, spot-on perfect. The colours are on trend and the formulas and brush are what every nail polish should be. We’re dying for these to be released so we can pick up the ones we don’t yet have and, a little birdy told us that glitter polishes are to be expected in the coming months!

The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line will be available end June 2011 for €8.95 a bottle.



P.S. You can enter to win three bottles of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure here!


  1. Great post girls, I'll definetly be picking up some of these when they're released. Commannder in Chic is first on my list.

  2. These are in store now - got one in Boots in Liffey Valley tonight, can't wait to try it! Great review BTW :)

  3. Good to know they're available, thanks Síle xx


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