June 24, 2011

Review: Avon Colordisiac Lipsticks

A couple of weeks back, we posted on the Avon Colordisiac Lipstick range, showing you the amazing range of shades. Now that we've had time to play with them and wear them out and about, we are back with a full review.

Being a die-hard lipstick fan, these already had one thumb halfway up before I had even opened the envelope. Once I had seen the gorgeous pink/purple and black bullet and the stunning range of shades, that was one thumb firmly up from me!

With such a strong start and positive first impression, I was hopeful for what the tube contained but, knew that it would have to be something spectacular to compete with my beloved MAC lipsticks and earn two thumbs up. Consistency-wise, these lippies do what they promise with a hydrating and slightly glossy finish so, there is no issue with them settling into lines on (or around!) lips or clinging to any dry or chapped skin. Alternatively, I found that they soothed the agitated skin on my lips and it felt like I was wearing a slick of Vaseline as opposed to a highly pigmented lipstick.

The colour range, as I mentioned before, drew me in right away and, as I went on to use these on a regular basis I found myself spoilt for choice. The only one I wouldn't get much use out of would be Satin Sheets, a pale, blue-toned Barbie-esque shade that doesn't really suit me or my style. Overall though, the colours are really bold and deeply pigmented which I love and require from a lipstick.

Staying power is also good, despite the slightly looser, shinier finish of the lipsticks. I wouldn't say that they last as long as matte formulas, nor would they last as well as most MAC lipsticks but, I survived drinks and a meal at the L'Oréal Colour Trophy Finals last week without having to reapply which is no mean feat for any lipstick.

So, packaging? Check. Colours? Check. Formula? Check. Longevity? Check. Scent? Well...this is where my biggest issue comes in. I don't mind scented lip products but, I don't mind unscented lip products either. Avon Colordisiacs are extremely heavily and sweetly scented which is lovely when you just get a whiff of it from the bullet but, when it's on your lips in a long-lasting formula, it can get quite overwhelming and sickly. Overall, these are great lipsticks at a nice price point with a superb range of colours but, if you're one of the many I know who can't bear scented lip products, you should probably give these a wide berth.

Have you tried the Avon Colordisiacs? Is there anything else Avon we should try?


S x

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