June 09, 2011

DUPE: Avon Colourdisiacs and MAC Lipsticks

After I saw Dee's post on finding a near-perfect dupe for Avon's Flirty Fuschia, I was intrigued to find out if I had any dupes in my lipstick collection. After much hmm-ing over whether one was too yellow-toned or too dark or too light, I found that I had a number of pretty spot-on dupes among my MAC lippies for some of the Avon Colourdisiacs.

MAC Spitfire (LE) and Avon Drawn to You

MAC Spitfire (bottom) and Avon Drawn to You (top)

As you can see, the purples are quite similar. While the Avon offering does appear slightly lighter in tone, in person this is obvious to be the result of the sheer, dewy nature of the Avon lipsticks in comparison to MAC's trés thick and heavy formula. Since MAC Spitfire was limited edition with the Wonder Woman collection, I would say that the Avon one is a great alternative!

Avon Red Hot Lips, MAC Russian Red, Avon Ravishing Red and GOSH Kiss

Avon Red Hot Lips, MAC Russian Red, Avon Ravishing Red

You might remember, a few months ago, I posted about what a perfect dupe GOSH Kiss was for MAC's cult classic Russian Red. Well, Avon have also got two favourable dupes for the bloodied shade. Ravishing Red looks most similar in the bullet but, upon swatching it is the brighter-looking Red Hot Lips that is a perfect match. 

MAC Viva Glam Gaga I and Avon Satin Sheets

MAC (Bottom) Avon (Top)
This dupe is probably the least spot-on of the ones I found though, again, as the MAC shade was a limited edition, the Avon alternative is good enough to settle for. The only real difference in fairness is the undertones. Lady Gaga's lippie has an obvious blue undertone while Satin Sheet's is distinctly more yellow.

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi and Avon Rose Addiction

MAC (bottom) Avon (top)
The final dupe is a rosy affair. I would never have thought that these two, in the bullets, would be long-lost cousins but, swatched side-by-side, the only difference is that Cyndi is the sheerer of the two. Otherwise, tone and shade are bang on!

So what do you think of dupe-a-bonanza?! The MAC lippies are around €15 while the Avon are €12.75.


S x


  1. Maaaaaate those are some pretty close dupes! Maybe the Avon ladies went for a swatching session in MAC before these lipsticks came to be...


  2. That's probably exactly what happened Sarah ;) :D The Avon ones are very impressive though, you need some! x

  3. I love a good dupe and those are pretty good dupes. Great post Sinead.

  4. Those are really gud dupes, i don't have that mush money to spend on a lipstick! So Avon is an amazing brand!!


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