June 21, 2011

Bey' Still My Heart

Dee and I have an unashamed girl crush on Mizz Beyoncé Knowles. We went to see her during her I Am Sasha Fierce tour and were literally shaking in our seats waiting for her to come on stage!

She genuinely is one of the sexiest women on earth. She can sing, dance, act. She is stunningly beautiful and fierce as hell with a fashion sense that is unmatched by fellow celebrities. Most importantly, she seems like a sound, down-to-earth lady despite her mahoosive fortune and immeasurable success.

So, you can imagine how my jaw literally hit the floor when I saw the newly released images for her new album 4. She looks bloody amazing and I am now so revved up for more of her new material! Click after the jump to see the rest of the images but, be prepared for a Queen Bey overload!

So, what do we think? I'm still amazed!


S x


  1. I actually LOVE her, it's grown from a girl crush to actual love now!! haha. I'm so jealous you got to see her in concert - I will be doing that one day!!!
    Thanks for following me!

  2. she is sooooo gorgeous...but she really seems like a gorgeous person too, so ladylike and just nice! damn her!

    I saw her on that tour too, unreal!

  3. Good to know we aren't alone!! x


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