May 04, 2011

Xen-Tan: The Future of Tanning?

Xen-Tan is a brand that we only about in the context of celebrity tanning faves (Una Healy, Molly King, Kara Tointon and Anna Kournikova to name a few!) and via Laura AKA Lollipop26's Twitter. We never knew much about what set it apart from other tanning brands and, since we both tend to embrace the pale, we never investigated it much further.

However, the brand is now establishing itself in Ireland and wanted to get a jump start by meeting with some Irish beauty bloggers and journalists to introduce us to the line and the products. We met with the lovely Amy today and were suitably impressed with what she had to tell us!

Perfect Blend
First of all, their is an astonishing amount and range of products in the line. Everyone and every possible need seems to be catered for with gradual tanners, dark tanners, medium tanners, specialist blend-it-yourself tanners. There are even a plethora of tanning accessories including a luxuriously soft mitt, a bronzing compact and a body scrub that will not strip you of your tan.

The line came to be after its American creator became fed-up with orange looking tan. Thus the line, with its distinctly olive undertones was created, meaning that there was no longer a possibility of turning tangerine and that even the fairest of skintones could look naturally glowing!

Similarly, the line is innovative because it smells great (which we can vouch for having had a good ole sniff!). The scents are all different, depending on which line you choose from i.e. the dark line, the gradual line, but, are all equally as enticing. No more smelling like digestive biscuits, curry or whatever other scents you may associate with letting your tan develop!

Xen-Tan also offer an oil-free moisturiser called Scent Secure which literally blocks the scent of any tanning product. So, if you aren't willing to forsake your St Tropez, Fake Bake or Johnsons Holiday Skin for a Xen-Tan product, you can still get rid of the unpleasant smell which is never going to be a bad thing! Amy actually informed us that no tanning product should be used with anything oil-based as the oil causes the tan to separate and become scaly and patchy, hence the development of Scent Secure which can be used before, during and after you fake tan.

Transform Luxe
We each got to choose a tanning product we would like to experiment with and we will both be reporting back to you over the next few days about how we get on with our choices. Amy suggested the gradual tanner Transform Luxe for me as, even though I am Paley McPalerson, my hair is a very dark red so she thought it would suit best. Dee went for the blend-it-yourself option Perfect Blend whereby she can create as many different shades as she desires.



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  1. I am excited to find out how you get on with this as I join you in the pale group and the only Xen Tan I've seen is the dark!


  2. Yeah I had only seen that one but, turns out there's tonnes more! x

  3. can't wait to hear how you get on with the perfect blend!sounds very interesting :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with these.

  5. Once you feel comfortable with the Xen-Tan products and application methods, you might want to notch your colour up from the gradual range and try Deep Bronze from our Medium range. Avoid using our Dark Lotion from our Dark range as your first product if you are paler than is better to work your way up through the colours x


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