May 02, 2011

Sinéad's New Hair

Nothing major, just 4-5 inches off, lots of layers and some amazing volume! Apologies for the no make-up; it was 8.30 am and I had only just rolled out of bed only half an hour before! As you can see, my hair before (left) was verrrry long. Since I rarely use heat on my hair, I get ages between cuts which is handy but, September to April is probably a bit too long to wait!!


Also, my stylist Karen used one of these babies on my crown for some extra oomph and she's picking me up one with her discount next time she's in Salon Services! It's a seriously amazing brush for teasing and adding volume without backcombing your hair into fluffy little piles on your scalp!


S x

P.S. Sorry the blog has been so quiet, I've just finished my thesis and Dee has exams coming up. We'll be back to normal in no time! 


  1. That such a great haircut! I love all the movement in it :)

  2. Wow, I absolutely love it! You look beautiful, you have more volume and body to it! xx

  3. Love love bigger the better! Those back combing brushes are amazing, I got a fuchsia one by Denman for really cheap in Terry Sales, the best! x

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! So voluminous :) xx

  5. Your hair looks lovely. That brush sounds really good, will have to look into getting one xx

  6. Your hair looks fab, I'll have to check out that brush it looks great.

  7. it really suits you and it looks so healthy! gorgeous! xx

  8. Thanks so much everyone! S x


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